Your 2019 Roundup Of Programmatic Job Ad Platform Acquisitions


This past July was full of beach vacations … and acquisitions in the recruiting industry. All in one month, just days apart, five programmatic job advertising platforms were each acquired by five different major players in the recruiting industry—it happened in rapid-fire succession, and underscores the inevitable shift towards automated job ad platforms within the […]

Key Talent Acquisition Changes That Have Happened This Year


Modern talent acquisition, brought to you by technology, has grown rapidly and continues to transform. But who are the little fish in this big pond making waves? HR is a burgeoning space ripe for technological innovation that has led to the rise of many small niche HR tech solution companies. The advertising slogan (now trademarked […]

What The Next 5 Years Will Look Like For Retail Hiring


As an HR professional in the retail industry, your success depends on staying on top of news and trends in the field. After all, in order to reach your target performance goals and ensure that your hiring strategies are effective, you need accurate information. Hiring forecasts are particularly useful when preparing both short- and long-term […]

What Are the Steps in Effective Workforce Planning?


Workforce planning is usually at the top of the to-do list when it comes to strategy, but when it comes to assigning resources, it often falls below more pressing needs. Still, given that your employees are arguably the most valuable asset your organization has, it’s worth prioritizing. Part of the problem is that many organizations […]

What Will Your Talent Acquisition Look Like During an Economic Collapse?


In the world of finance, it’s a well-known fact that stocks rise and fall. Markets fluctuate, and economic booms and downturns are a foregone conclusion. The larger the financial bubble, the bigger the burst. The last three recessions, in the United States, occurred less than a decade apart, in 2007, 2000, and 1990. Based on […]

Healthcare Recruiting Stats That Will Impact Your Hiring Strategy


The healthcare field is growing. You know this. An aging population that requires more and complex care plus advances in medical technology are making this a destination career for more and more people every year. That increases the competition for the best and most qualified healthcare workers and creates the need for a deep talent […]

Why Hospitals Are Having A Major Problem With Recruitment


Baby Boomers have had a significant impact on the economy throughout their lives. And now that this large portion of the population is presently aged 55 and older, we are seeing the “boom” hit the health care industry, with a greater need for health care workers. Other factors, like longer life expectancies, the obesity crisis, […]

What Does The Future Of HR And Hiring Look Like?

the future of HR and hiring

Where does the future of our industry lie? Only a greater reliance on automation? A main focus on HR metrics? Surprisingly, no: according to the data collected from LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report for 2019, the changing nature of HR and hiring has more to do with employee-centered practices than embracing technological trends and the […]

Healthcare Hiring Trends Happening Now

healthcare hiring trends

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s January jobs report, the healthcare industry added 368,000 jobs throughout 2018. In January alone, 42,000 jobs were filled. That is some serious growth. If trends continue then your team will be expected to fill 2.4 million positions throughout the next decade. Because, honestly, industry growth can only happen […]’s State Of Recruitment Marketing Report 2018

state of recruitment marketing

A recruiter cannot solely be a recruiter anymore; they need to be marketers and psychologists with a deep understanding of their prospective industries and the state of the jobs market as a whole. That’s a lot of hats to wear for one person. What brought about this change? A lot of signs point to the […]