The Top Recruitment Metrics You Need to Track in 2023

recruitment metrics

In 2023, the top recruitment metrics to track include time to hire, cost per hire, quality of hire, applicant sources, candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, and employee retention rate. Tracking the metrics can help companies evaluate the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies and identify areas for improvement. It is important to analyze and use recruitment […]

Recruitment Metrics Guide: 12 Ways to Measure Your Hiring Efforts

Measuring your hiring efforts can be tough. From defining the measure, to clearly and accurately addressing the expected outcome, to establishing a process for collecting and measuring data, there’s a lot that goes into calculating your hiring efforts. However, measuring the results of your work is critical to understanding what your audiences respond to and […]

7 Ways To Minimize Cost-Per-Hire [Cheat Sheet]

One of the most critical KPIs recruiters seek to improve is their cost-per-hire.  Along with source pipeline, candidate quality, long-term retention, and other key performance metrics, tracking your cost-per-hire will help you to understand the performance of your recruiting initiatives better and minimize your expenses across the board. For recruiters and hiring managers on a […]