Can Recruitment Technology Improve the Candidate Experience?


If you’re a seasoned recruitment professional, you’ve undoubtedly had to navigate through an anxiety-producing array of unpredictability over the last few years as the industry has evolved at breakneck speeds. This volatility is attributable to significant forces that have impacted the entire work world—and chief among these is the relentless and unavoidable march of new […]

Measuring the Success Of Your Recruitment Technology


Metrics, metrics, metrics. That’s the heart of recruiting today and with good reason: data helps us make informed decisions and allocate precious resources in more targeted, effective ways. Metrics are also handy for getting people on board when it comes time to strategizing and building budgets. However, when it comes to collecting and analyzing those […]

How to get more from your recruiting technology

How to get more from your recruiting technology

There’s a very definite trend in just about every industry these days. Let’s go digital! Get ALL the data! Technology makes our lives easier, and will help us hire better! It’s likely you’ve heard some variation on that, and your organization has taken steps toward this digital reality. But once you have made the time […]

Picking The Right AI Recruitment Technology For You


If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your HR team and boost this year’s effective performance metrics, you’ll need to address the potential pain points that may be adversely affecting your organization’s ability to operate at its peak potential. Then, once you get a handle on your needs, your goal should be to find […]