Paywalls are Working: Site Monetization Pays Off for Digital Publishers

new york times paywall

Paywalls as a form of site monetization are no longer unusual, with more than 350 American newspapers now putting content behind a paywall. Though The New York Times is perhaps the biggest American paywall story, it isn’t just media juggernauts that are putting them up. Gannett Company, Inc., a mid-sized newspaper publisher, ginned up 46,000 […]

B2B Is Worst, and Best, for Site Monetization through Interactive Ads

website monetization

Small publishers are usually the last to take up new forms of technology, like interactive ads. The problem lies in the cost to set up these new technologies and use them to the publication’s advantage. There is no guarantee that they will work. The benefit for trade magazines is the targeted, tighter audience. This helps […]