Why Parse.ly’s New Analytics Platform Should Be On Your Radar

publisher analytics

If you run a publishing website and are unfamiliar with Parse.ly software, then it is time for you to get familiar, and quickly. In 2012, Parse.ly offered its first analytical software called Dash and it was an instant hit. The software offers detailed insight into what topics and articles are trending on the Internet and […]

User-Targeted Ads for Broadcast Television? They’re Here!

TV Advertising

User-targeted ads on digital platforms are now the norm, but what about for the television? It seems like a futuristic idea that could help audience engagement in some distant time. However, it is already here. There are now a number of companies using the idea of user-targets ads for broadcast television, and so can you! […]

How Investments Are Clues for Job Board Marketing

job boards investment

You know that marketing is essential for job boards. However, the question many companies have is who they should target. There are so many different types of people and needs, and you don’t want to waste your money focusing on the wrong one. While the term ”follow the money,” may still have some negativity surrounding […]