User-Targeted Ads for Broadcast Television? They’re Here!

TV Advertising

User-targeted ads on digital platforms are now the norm, but what about for the television? It seems like a futuristic idea that could help audience engagement in some distant time. However, it is already here. There are now a number of companies using the idea of user-targets ads for broadcast television, and so can you!

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Inserting Ads With Anvato’s Technology

Anvato has already developed technology that makes it easier to insert your ads, and Hearst TV is already using it. Hearst has found that it can insert the ads direct from their digital framework into the TV setting. This creates something personalized for the users, on a local and national scale.

All the ads are posted in live video streams that are broadcasted similarly to normal TV. The users get the advertisements that are designed specifically for them.

Improving Your Audience Engagement

One of the benefits of these user-targets ads is improving the engagement from your audience. When the ads are targeted for people, they are more likely to pay attention and follow up the way you want them to. This has already been seen with the digital world. When ads are created specifically for a user, that user clicks on the ad and goes to the desired location.

People feel like you are talking to them. This also helps with the development of your audience, and turning your leads into sales.

No Need for Large Investments

Targeted Ads
It’s time to target all ads to your audience.

There is no need to invest a large amount of money to get the user-targeted broadcast television ads. The technology is extremely easy to add in, and very easy to use once downloaded. It is connected to your ad server, which still makes all your marketing decisions.

No specialist equipment is required. It runs on all different operating systems and devices, meaning you can manage your ads quickly and easily.

Anvato works with third party software from VAST, which you’re probably already using. Your campaigns are still created in the same way you’re used to, which means you can quickly get into this not-so-new, innovative method of advertising.

Big Brands Already Using the Software

Hearst TV is not the only business currently invested in the software. A number of other big brands are, and have found it has improved their audience engagement. Fox Sports, the Journal Broadcast Group and NBCUniversal are just three big names that are currently taking advantage and targeting their audience perfectly with broadcast television.

Pearl has also joined the group to test the over-the-air software. This will hopeful get more interaction through general TV, as well as just live-streaming.

It is time to invite the way of the future right now. User-targeted ads are no longer just for the digital world. They are here for broadcast television thanks to the Anvato software. Hearst TV and many others are already using it, and it is time to get in on the game too.

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