How RPO Maximizes the Candidate Experience: Does Technology Help?

How RPO Maximizes the Candidate Experience: Does Technology Help?

A research study by the University of Warwick shows that happy employees are 12% more productive in the workplace. Better productivity translates to better ROI. But how do organizations make (and keep) employees happy? A good starting point would be to enhance candidate experience. After all, the recruitment process marks the beginning of any kind […]

3 HR Tips for Successful Onboarding

hr tips for onboarding

Savvy recruiters know that sourcing talent is only the beginning of their talent acquisition responsibilities. While employee orientation, training, and onboarding can be costly and negatively impact time-to-hire, it is also an essential aspect of building a high-performing workforce. Time and time again, a practical onboarding strategy has been shown to drive employee engagement and […]

Is Your Audience Approaching Tech Burnout?

Audience Development Technology

While technology has the goal of making things easier, it is actually causing too much confusion. Mindshare’s latest Culture Vulture study shows that 58% of people believe that technology has made the life more complicated, and your audience development could be struggling because of that. It’s time to take a step back from using technology […]

Advancements in Radio Technology Boost Advertising Dollars

The Radio Show presented by the NAB and RAB wrapped up this past Friday, leaving attendees with an optimistic outlook for the future of Radio. Sessions throughout the show highlighted the strength the industry has demonstrated over the years as broadcasting continues to evolve with new digital media. Top industry professionals emphasized Radio’s opportunity to […]