How to Monetize Your Website without Ads


These days, it seems like ads are everywhere, including on billboards, on television, on the radio, and, of course, on the Internet. In fact, it almost feels like you can’t visit a single website today without being hit by a banner ad, a pop-up ad, a pop-under ad, a video ad, or any number of […]

Are Two Words Helping or Hurting Your Job Board?


Online news publications and trade journal websites often turn to custom job boards as a source of revenue in order to diversify their website monetization strategy. Niche job boards, whether targeted based on geography or profession can make your website stickier and more likely to be bookmarked in the first place. As with any other […]

Job Boards Should Focus on Targeted Sourcing Over Quantity

job board quality

If job boards are part of your website monetization strategy, you have to deliver high quality job candidates in order for employers to continue listing on your job boards. Competition is increasing for job candidates with the most in-demand skill and experience mixes, and therefore sites with job boards need targeted sourcing strategies so employers […]