7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Your Office

‘Tis the season of pumpkins, ghosts, candy, and costumes—and it’s not just for kids. If you want to bring some of the magic of Halloween fun to work, here a few tricks (or treats) to upgrade the Halloween classics into the modern office.

Go simple

Bring some color into the office. It’s easy to go to the nearest party supply store and buy stock Halloween items, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting decorations up, rent up-lights for the day. Festive purple, orange, or green in bolts of color around the office can dress up the space in a fun and simple way. Work as you sit inside a green, ghoulish glow.

Go clever

Get a little more whimsical with your decorations. Try putting a personal touch on the décor with industry-specific items, or using everyday objects found around the office in unusual ways.

Hang ghosts made of upside-down coffee cups from the ceiling over the breakroom coffee machine. Or, surprise employees with a mummy covered in toilet paper in the bathroom. It is the unexpected that will make the décor fun.

Go team

Better yet, have employees decorate a space using only everyday items available in the office. This option gets everyone to participate by pitching in to decorate. You get the double benefit of decorations and a team-building exercise where each team can select one area of the office to decorate and brainstorm clever reuses for their office supplies. Once it’s party time, employees can tour all the spaces or even vote for on their favorite, with prizes for the winners.

Go costumed

You can’t beat the classics. Some people go all out in full costumes and makeup; depending on your industry this could be a nuisance for customers, or a bit of fun. Establishing a Halloween dress code for the office is appropriate and helpful for employees used to wearing “business casual,” especially letting new employees know how the holiday goes in your office. While wearing costumes in the office is not for everyone, inviting employees to do so on Halloween sends a clear signal that Halloween fun will be had and for those so inclined—they won’t be the only one sitting in a cubicle wearing a wig or witch’s hat.

Go trick-or-treating

Trick-or-treating cubicle to cubicle gets employees mingling among various departments. With a little bit of a twist, you can sub office supplies for Halloween candy, and employees can gather “treats” like whiteout, post-its or paper clips—and maybe some candy here and there too. How it works: each employee stocks up on a single office supply. Then, follow a schedule: one half of your employees collect treats while the other half give treats out. After enough time, the two groups switch. It won’t be the most productive hour of the day at the office, but it can be the icebreaker that gets employees interacting, gets people up and about, and makes for a dynamic company-wide event.

Go signature

A lot of Halloween fun is designed to get you feeling like a kid again, but if you have it in your party budget, treat your employees to a cocktail hour for a little more sophisticated fun. Mobile bar services can develop signature cocktails with clever names for your company. Or go for Halloween-themed drinks: a glass of purple witch’s brew (or just witches’ brewskis) can get the fun flowing.

Go gourmet

Halloween is the holiday of sugary indulgence, but it’s also fun to have treats beside like Halloween cookies or candy. As with decorations, you can get clever with food: fruit kabobs of oranges, pears, and pineapple to look like candy corn and crackers with cheese and olive slices to look like eyeballs can make for healthier treats in the office.

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