How to Celebrate Earth Day 2019 in Your Office

Each year we celebrate Earth Day and take a moment to appreciate the world around us. Born out of the counterculture of the 1970s, Earth Day demonstrations led to the creation of United States Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. With such an impactful holiday around the corner (and one close to the hearts of the PandoLogic team – our namesake being the Pando tree after all), it’s only fair that we take some time to nurture and celebrate our little blue marble.

Here are some fun ways your Human Resources team can commemorate Earth Day in your office!

Volunteer locally

Try to find an opportunity to get out of the office and do some good in your community! Volunteer to have you and your colleagues clean up a local park, organize a recycling drive, encourage a composting project to maintain year-round, or even start a local fundraiser to contribute to The Canopy Project an Earth Day Network initiative to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020 (one for every person on Earth!). The possibilities for community outreach are endless.

Earth Day Baking Contest

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cupcakes? Encourage your office to create Earth themed treats and throw a sustainable office party! From tasty vegan-friendly treats or brownies shaped and decorated into bite-sized globes, the most delicious treat can win a special prize at the end of judging. A company branded reusable travel mug will always be a well-received gift for your office’s top chef.

But really, any excuse to have pounds of dirt cake in the office, right?

Meet outside

No worries, your Earth Day celebrations don’t need to be elaborate if that’s not your style. Something as simple as holding a meeting outside in the fresh air will be just as beneficial. Being under harsh fluorescent lighting doesn’t typically make for an inspiring atmosphere, so making the trek to a local park for your weekly meeting could be just the thing to reinvigorate you and your colleagues.

Go Dark for the Day

If it’s possible, try going a full day without any light in your office. It may not seem like it but the lights we use daily can directly impact the environment. The less energy we consume, the less power we need from power plants providing that energy. With the reduced power usage, the number of toxic fumes emitted from these power plants is also reduced. If a full day seems impossible then just try for an hour! Every little bit counts towards the greater good. And you can always have everyone participate in a calming yoga session during the hour.

Sustainability Jeopardy

But hey, maybe elaborate is your thing! Might we suggest some fun rounds of Sustainability Jeopardy? Test your office’s knowledge on topics like climate change, proper recycling habits, green energy, and even Earth Day history with this fun and educational activity. Group up and vote for the correct answer – winners can receive gift cards to spend at a sustainable business of your choosing!

Shed light on some uncommon knowledge about the environment and maybe even inspire some team members to decrease their carbon footprint.

These are just some ways you could celebrate Earth Day 2019. Remember to get out there and do good for the Earth!

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