The 3 Most Important Statistics for Measuring Job Board Success

measure the success of job boards

If you run a job board, you know it is important to monitor your board’s vital statistics if you want to know whether the website is a success. You need hard numbers to track your recruiting success, but with so many content management systems available to analyze these numbers, it is easy to become overwhelmed. While you ultimately should choose the metrics that work best for you, there are three essential statistics you can start with that are helpful when you are working to improve job board performance.

How Many Views Per Job?

Start with one of the most useful metrics to know, which is exactly how many views a job is getting on your board. This number not only gives you a good idea of the volume of views you are receiving per job, but allows you to see how the ads are performing month-to-month. As an added benefit, you can use this number as a way to suggest improvements or upgrades to the ads placed by employers. Since the statistics show how certain types of ads draw a heavier volume of views, it works as compelling proof when you are trying to draw in more business. This information is also helpful when you want to up-sell to an employer that has an ad that is under-performing.

Number of Applications

According to Joanne Harvey of, you can determine the number of applications you are receiving by dividing the total number of applications an ad brings in during a certain period of time by the actual number of jobs that were posted. This gives you an average number of applications for the posted ads. She states that this is a useful starting point since it can help you to understand whether an employer is receiving high enough conversions for them to want to continue paying you to post their job ads. This process is also useful for analyzing individual employer’s numbers and allows you to use those statistics to help potentially renew contracts with the employers later on.

Actual Hires

Having a measurement of the actual number of job applicants that are hired after accessing your job board not only gives you a hard statistic as to whether posts are a failure or success, but also gives you a compelling argument for why employers should post ads to your job board. You may find that this is one of the more difficult statistics to access, however, since you are not directly involved in the hiring process. If you can work with an employer to gather these numbers, however, it makes for a valuable statistic to have.

Putting it All Together

Although each of these three metrics is useful on their own merits individually, looking at the three as a combined measurement for your statistics can help to identify your job board’s strengths and weaknesses. This not only gives you a valuable tool for selling your job board ads to future employers, but can help you determine what ads on your job board ultimately work best.

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