3 Social Media Marketing Tools That Can Boost Your Job Site

Social media is great for connecting with friends and family, and many people turn to sites like YouTube and Reddit for entertainment as well as education; however, social media tools can also be used to market your job board site and not only drive more traffic, but also increase revenues. Beyond that, many social media marketing tools can assist you in analyzing various metrics surrounding your job board, such as referral sources and links clicked, in order to help you strategize and tweak your site for better performance. Below are just a few of the many social media tools available to get your marketing plan in order:

1. ShutterStock, ThinkStock, Etc.

As more and more content gets added to the web, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. Thankfully, by using image sites, such as ShutterStock and ThinkStock, you can purchase professional quality images and videos to add to your content in order to help it get noticed. Research has shown that people tend to gravitate toward content that includes eye-catching imagery and videos, and by using professional images, you’ll be more likely to attract and hold the attention of users without the need to hire a photographer, videographer, or graphic designer.

2. Google Analytics

While there are a number of analytics sites and programs available to help you visualize your job board site’s metrics, Google Analytics is often considered to be the penultimate option. Using Google Analytics, you can see all kinds of data about your site’s interactions with visitors, including what types of devices are being used to access your site and what search terms visitors are using to find your content. The data that you receive from Google Analytics can then be tracked over time to see what works and what doesn’t work, allowing you to make changes that drive more traffic and lead to more conversions.

3. Perfect Audience

Even if you have engaging content on your social media profiles, not everyone is going to stick around to check it out. Some people casually visit social media profiles without really giving them a chance, while others hang around for a while, but eventually lose interest. In order to attempt to draw such visitors back, you can turn to Perfect Audience. This software monitors your engagement through social media and compiles data on “lost” visitors. It can then target these individuals through social media in order to entice them to revisit your profiles or sites.

Although the tools mentioned above can assist you in driving traffic, you still need to follow the simple rules of digital marketing: create engaging content and update often. There is no magic wand that will automatically bring in more traffic, and even through the use of online marketing tools, you’ll still need to stay on top of the data in order to make it work for you. By investing some time and effort into your job board site and social media profiles now, you’re more likely to see engagement and conversions rise in the coming year.

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