3 Takeaways from the Next Generation of Job Sites

Today’s latest job sites are taking a whole new approach to the candidate – recruiter relationship. Instead of encouraging companies to post static jobs ads, they’re instead giving more power to candidates, finding ways to make the recruiting process more interactive, and even using technology to serve a headhunters for in-demand candidates. Here’s a closer look at the latest trends in online employment, and what lessons existing job sites can learn from the new generation of recruiting applications.

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Showcase candidates over jobs

Many job boards are just a list of open positions, with links where interested candidates can apply. The focus at many of today’s newest generation of job sites is shifting, and changing the focus from the hiring companies to the candidates. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that your job board has the tools necessary to showcase candidates; the best ones allow each candidate to create their own microsite with a headshot, personal statement, resume, videos, and even a portfolio. Job sites that meet candidates’ needs and effectively allow them to market themselves are going to attract the best candidates and employers alike.

Incorporate multimedia into your job posting infrastructure

Gamification is a major trend in today’s digital recruiting landscape, with some job sites adding a gameplay element to the recruiting process. While that’s not feasible for every company, it does open up a conversation about the importance of multimedia as part of the job search. Could you help potential candidates get a better feel for a job with a short video interview with the manager? Would a short welcome message from your CEO on video or pictures of your office help candidates envision your culture? Is it time to welcome video resumes or ask candidates to answer a couple of questions on video as part of the application process? Companies need to answer these questions, and job sites need to be prepared for the next phase of recruiting technology needs.

Meaningful job comparison and screening tools

Another approach that’s becoming popular are tools that allow in-demand employees to compare jobs. When a candidate is looking for a positon – for example, a computer developer – there may be hundreds or thousands of positions available. Narrowing those down and then being able to compare each one is highly valuable. The ability to look at factors such as pay, benefits, and total compensation as well as details of the work environment, the products or services offered and more side by side gives candidates a new perspective. Other technologies are only showing candidates jobs that meet specific criteria they’re setting. Job boards that offer these value-added features stand out from the competition.

Today’s recruiting experience is focusing on giving companies the tools needed to better articulate their culture and what they’re looking for; conversely, candidates are seeking more control, better job vetting tools, and more effective marketing platforms. Job sites that can optimize for these experiences are setting up the foundation for ongoing success as the business and recruiting worlds continue to evolve.

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