3 Ways to Take Advantage of the Healthy Healthcare Job Market


The healthcare job market is exploding, so now is the time to focus your job board site on this burgeoning industry. Whether you choose to highlight healthcare jobs on your existing site or you choose to create a new site dedicated solely to healthcare jobs, you now have a large number of opportunities to attract healthcare employers and recruiters as well as those seeking careers in the healthcare field. In addition, with the Affordable Care Act now in full implementation, you also have a chance to educate job seekers who may be unsure of how to navigate the changing healthcare landscape.

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1. Connect Native Advertising with Social Media

Whenever you choose to focus on a specific career field, such as healthcare, you need to be smart in your marketing. A general job board site can often get away with blanket marketing techniques, but niche sites need to be more focused. Social media sites present a terrific opportunity to such job boards, so take advantage of them. For example, Facebook provides job board site operators with the ability to target specific groups of individuals through native advertising. People who have listed themselves as experienced in the healthcare field and who are seeking employment will be able to see your ads as they scroll through the news feeds, meaning you’re more likely to attract new traffic.

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Providing informative, engaging content is the key to attracting and retaining the attention of healthcare-industry job seekers.

2. Offer Valuable Content

While providing job listings is the primary function of your site, it shouldn’t be the only function. In order to drive more traffic and obtain new registered users, offer valuable content through your site and its newsletters. As mentioned, the Affordable Care Act is now in full swing, but many people, including job seekers, are confused about what changes the Act has made to the healthcare field. This presents you with a golden opportunity to put together informative content that discusses everything from the Act’s regulations to how it affects job seekers.

By offering visitors useful content that both informs and entertains, you’ll be more likely to entice visitors to become registered users, meaning you will have a larger selling point when attracting healthcare employers and recruiters.

3. Segment Your Market

Because the medical profession and healthcare industry includes so many varying specialties, you’ll want to do your research into which ones are the most popular and which ones receive little attention from job seekers. Essentially, you’ll want to highlight careers that are in high demand, but you’ll also want to balance this with promoting niche specialties. This will also be helpful in determining which employers or recruiters to market to in order to maximize your efforts. Once you’ve determined which careers are the most popular, you can focus your efforts on marketing to healthcare professionals and facilities in these areas.

Another reason this is important is because you’ll want to make sure you provide categories and sub-categories for as many specialties as possible in order to attract more healthcare-industry job seekers. If you’re missing categories that job seekers are looking for, they’re bound to go to your competitions.

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