3 Ways Your Job Board Can Counter LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most popular professional social networking sites on the web, and many people use it daily to promote their skills and seek out career advancement possibilities. In some cases, individuals who run job site boards have found LinkedIn to be a threat, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, many job seekers, employers, and recruiters find LinkedIn to be a hindrance rather than a help. Here are three reasons why this is the case:

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Clutter is a Problem

While LinkedIn offers a number of social media features for job seekers and employers, it also offers something else: clutter. From blog posts and updates to endorsements and more, LinkedIn members often receive updates about other members of the site that don’t actually add any value to the experience. While it’s nice to receive a notification that your friend or former colleague has obtained a new job, that doesn’t really help you in finding a new job.

Likewise, as an employer, it’s fine to see that a connection has been endorsed for a new skill, but that skill may not have anything to do with your employment needs. The bottom line? LinkedIn offers plenty of social media functions, but they can clutter your news feed and notification updates. When running your job board, have a clear focus on matching job seekers with employers.

Editing is a Blessing and a Curse

The ability to edit on social media is a blessing and a curse, and on LinkedIn, the situation is no different. LinkedIn allows users to edit their posts, profiles, and job openings without much effort or notification, so when an employer posts a job listing, he or she can make changes, even after a job seeker has reviewed the posting. This can then be frustrating for job seekers who thought that they were provided with one set of information, when in fact, that information changed.

This may happen even after a candidate has applied for a job, the information of which may have changed and rendered the applicant unqualified. This wastes everyone’s time. As a job board, provide cut and dried rules to posting jobs, questions, and comments that allows everyone involved in a query to have a clear understanding of what is being asked.

Connections for the Sake of Connections

Another major issue that LinkedIn suffers from is connections for the sake of connections. This is to state that many people on LinkedIn simply add other people in order to boost the number of connections they display, regardless of whether or not they know these connections or have had any business dealings with them.

As a result, it makes it difficult to know who to trust on LinkedIn, and someone with a lot of time and patience on their hands could easily add thousands of people and amass a network within a week or so, even if they have no qualifications. Your job board site needs to focus more on establishing real relationships as opposed to allowing posters to call the shots.

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