5 Job Board Trends in 2015

If you own an Internet job board, then your business’ survival depends on your ability to stay up with the most important trends and industry changes. With the release of the 2015 Job Board Survey done by IAEWS and JobBoardDoctor.com, there is plenty of information to indicate where the job board world is heading and what job board owners have to do to stay relevant.

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Aggregators Are Becoming An Increasing Challenge

The survey revealed that nearly 70 percent of the people using job boards are going through aggregators and that is a trend job board owners will have to watch. With job board owners agreeing that aggregators and LinkedIn’s job board model are the two biggest threats to the industry, it will be interesting to see how job board owners react to the rise in aggregator use.

Social Media Is Also Taking A Prominent Role

Careerrealism.com estimates that around 46 percent of all companies utilize social media to find candidates to fill available positions. This serves as a threat to aggregators and job boards as any activity on social media is taking away from job board usage. Once again, this statistic underscores the emergence of LinkedIn as a major threat to the entire job board industry.

Videos Are Becoming Popular

If your job board does not have a feature that specifically allows job hunters to post videos, then you may want to think about adding one. Videos are becoming so popular that a growing number of employers are replacing the initial screening interview with recruiting videos. Video recruiting is proving to be much more than a fad as it becomes more pervasive throughout the job hunting world.

Mobile Is Growing

One of the more interesting pieces of information the 2015 Job Board Survey revealed is that almost 20 percent of all job board traffic is coming from mobile sources. With the amount of mobile traffic expected to rise sharply over the next few years, job board owners will want to start maximizing their sites to take full advantage of this new source of traffic.

Quality Still Matters

An overwhelming 80 percent of all employers said that the quality of the applicants they get is critical when it comes to choosing a job board. That means that job board owners are going to have to become more proactive in their screening procedures and do more to prevent bots and other unwanted traffic from polluting their candidate pools.

Job boards are seeing stiff competition, but there is still plenty to be excited about. By tracking the latest recruiting and job hunting trends, job board owners can make the changes they need to make to generate more revenue. There will always be changes in the dynamic world of Internet recruiting, but those changes can be turned into opportunities by proactive and aggressive job board owners who want to get the very most out of all of their revenue-generating efforts.

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