5 Things Doctors Look for in a Job Board


Few job searchers have an excess of time on their hands, but physicians may be even more discerning than most when it comes to choosing a job board. Certainly, not all job boards are created equally. Here are five things physicians look for when choosing a job board.

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1. Mobile Optimization

Gone are the days of printing off your curriculum vitae, mailing it in, and waiting for weeks for a response. The rise of digital has completely reinvented the job search, including within the healthcare industry.

Physicians are particularly reliant on smart technology, and aren’t interested in wasting time with sites that lack fast and efficient responsive design. In fact, a recent survey found that approximately 63 percent of doctors are interested in using their mobile devices to search for available jobs. Failure to offer mobile options will send these value-seeking doctors elsewhere.

2. Maximized Searchability

The more comprehensive the search options, the more targeted the job search can be. The best job boards include the ability to search all available positions by a variety of factors, including specialty, profession and region. This is an essential time-saving tool, and also gives the searcher a comprehensive viewpoint of the industry at any given time.

3. One Stop Shopping

Job boards that require multiple actions to apply for a job are less than satisfying — particularly when compared to job boards which incorporate a variety of useful features for the typical job hunter in the healthcare industry.

Holding a top spot on the list of beneficial job board attributes? The ability to upload your CV and apply directly for a position.

Physicians also value the ability to email jobs to their personal accounts, get directly in touch with recruiters, and receive push notifications about relevant new position postings. Physicians looking for the inside scoop, meanwhile, seek out job boards which offer access to employee reviews and research salary information at the front-end of the consideration process.

4. Career Enrichment

A critical part of a physician’s work is staying up with the latest medical information. While the primary purpose of a job board is to connect job seekers with positions, some job boards offer more incentives for users to come back for more — even when the job search has ended.

From blog postings to medical news to peer-reviewed journal articles, physicians can stay up on the latest news while taking advantage of job board resources. By including content that adds value, your site becomes a destination not only for job seekers, but for employed physicians in search of professional enrichment.

5. Social Media

Social media is an increasingly important tool during a job search; in fact, some studies suggest that networking accounts for up to 80 percent of hires. By integrating social networking into your job board, physician job hunters can exchange job-related information with family, friends, and other network members.

While job board for physicians can be exclusive and some even require a medical license for membership, the best job boards share a commitment to offering a practical and professional space for job seekers in the healthcare industry. By seeking out job boards with these attributes during their search, physicians can optimize results and find the positions of their dreams.

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