Why Analytics and Performance Metrics are the Future of Online Job Postings

Analytics and performance metrics are critical to anyone who wants to have a successful website, run a successful business, or troubleshoot problems in general. Successful website owners routinely examine a number of performance metrics like time spent on site, bounce rate, and where site traffic comes from. When you know that, for example, you get a lot of traffic on Twitter, you can fine-tune your Twitter strategy to help improve these numbers. A high bounce rate on a particular page is an indication that the page needs improvement.

Just as analytics inform how people manage websites, they are also vital to having a successful job board. Recruiting employees and applying for jobs online is the standard today, and some job boards do a better job bringing together job candidates and job opportunities than others. If you are considering using job board software as part of your website’s audience and revenue development strategy, compare options for analytics and performance metrics from the various job board software providers first.

This is important on two accounts. First, analytics give you vital information about how well the job board is performing in terms of your site’s goals. Second, they allow you to provide employers with informative data offering in-depth reviews of how well their job listings perform. You can show employers exactly which listings get the most attention, and can offer insight into why some listings are skipped over more often.

How Job Board Software Analytics Help Employers

If your job board software offers analytics and performance metrics, you have much more to offer the employer who wants to buy a listing. Historical data can give you the insight you need to help employers craft the optimal job listing structure. Once a listing goes live, analytics can help you modify or fine-tune employer campaigns and distribution to give them a better return on investment. By helping employers refine postings based on analytics and performance metrics, you help them achieve their goal of finding and hiring the best job candidates. Analytics and performance metrics let actual data tell the story and guide employers to optimized listings.

Risks of Not Providing Analytics and Performance Metrics

If your approach to employer listings on your site’s job board is to fly by the seat of your pants, you take several risks and compromise the success of your job board and site monetization strategy. Specifically:

  • If a listing doesn’t get many applicants, the employer has a much lower chance of finding that ideal job candidate.
  • Without analytics and performance metrics, you can’t offer employers the guidance they need for writing job listings that are well-received by job seekers.
  • When advertisers complain about their job listings underperforming, you won’t have answers as to why they are not living up to expectations.

What We Offer

RealMatch recruitment advertising solutions come with built-in analytics reporting and performance reporting for job listings. RealMatch gives online publishers like you the necessary tools to collect analytics and performance metrics, to understand what they mean, and to report to employers with insight about how they can get the best possible results from their job listings.

Once a job listing goes live, you can continue to monitor job listing performance so that if interest falls off, you can more easily develop a plan to refine listings so that they will receive the exposure and reception they need to be effective. Your website will benefit in several ways when you offer job listing analytics:

  • You will have a competitive advantage in your market over those without job board analytics.
  • You will be able to offer employers more thorough guidance and support than many of the leading national job boards do.
  • You will give employers better ROI on their recruitment advertising, which translates into a more loyal customer base and better earnings from your job board.

Any site offering custom job board services to employers and job seekers can recommend a generic CPC campaign to drum up traffic, but both employers and job seekers prefer quality over quantity when it comes to listing opportunities and applying for positions. Job candidates don’t want to be overwhelmed with irrelevant job listings, and employers don’t want to be deluged with applications from unqualified applicants. With the right job board software solution and advanced analytics and performance metrics, job listings can be more effectively targeted, and job applicants will find it easier to locate those opportunities that meet their needs.

A successful job board solution on a trade publication or digital newspaper website should bring together a strong network, targeted distribution, and job matching in order to offer optimal performance. Digital publishers don’t need just another job board solution, but one that addresses the actual needs of job candidates and employers. Detailed analytics and performance metrics can set your site’s job board apart from the rest, letting employers and job seekers know that they won’t waste their time by using your job board.

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