Post-Social Recruiting: How the Best Job Boards Are Redefining Social

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The best job boards are doing it through post-social methods

Over the last few years, social recruitment has been widely used. It involves using various social media platforms to reach the masses. However, the best job boards aren’t doing it that way. They’re using something known as post-social recruiting. The former is aimed at those actively looking for jobs most of the time. On the other hand, the latter is aimed at those not actively searching for new work. These are the people you want to connect with.

Talking Directly to the Person

With post-social recruiting, the aim is to talk directly to a person. But somehow you need to make that one ad talk to lots of people individually at the same time. It’s not the easiest, but it is possible. Talking directly to someone helps to build trust. It forms a real relationship, and they’re more likely to trust you when it comes to signing up for the service.

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The relationship makes it possible to turn cold leads into warm sales, so to speak. When you’re reaching out to those employers through your email marketing or social networking, you come across as actually wanting to help them. You help them with their psychological needs and give them tips along the way. They come to trust you to do more than offer a place to post their advertisements.

More Companies Use Social Media

More and more companies are using social media instead of job boards. LinkedIn is the most popular place for job listings now, but Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are becoming highly popular. At the same time, employers favor resumes from friends, colleagues and trusted networks.

For the best job boards to survive this, they need to become one of those trusted networks. You need to offer something to compete with the social media websites. This is where that relationship previously mentioned comes in. When someone feels like you’re taking care of their psychological needs and you are there to support them, they’re more likely to trust you with their biggest needs. In this sense, your employers are more likely to trust you when it comes to listing their needs on your job board.

Job seekers want to feel nurtured so give your employers the setting to do that.
Job seekers want to feel nurtured so give your employers the setting to do that.

Make the Recruitment More Social

Using social media doesn’t mean that the company is offering anything actually social. When you look at the various social media pages, they’re more like their corporate websites. The focus is on the followers or number of fans. The relationships aren’t there because too many are focused on quantity and not quality. Only the active job seekers tolerate that.

You can help your employers by offering a more social place to recruit. The passive searchers want deep relationships, following that number one lesson of ”don’t speak to strangers.”

Post-social recruiting does take time and it is hard, but it is worth it. It requires continuous interaction. You want to make people feel at home and safe. The point is to make people feel like they will be nurtured.

Post-social recruiting is something you want to focus on. Building relationships makes people feel more at home and takes everyone away from that public setting. That is how the best job boards are competing and succeeding, and how you want to too.

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