How to Craft an Awesome Job Ad

Business professionals are busy people, but they all have to take the time out of their busy days to write job ads to bring in more help. The problem is that busy people do not have the time to craft the perfect ad that will bring in hundreds of qualified responses. Luckily, there are a few tips every business professional can use to put together the perfect job ad in record time. As long as you know the basics of what job hunters are looking for, then you can develop an ad that speaks directly to the people who can help your company grow.

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Pay Attention To Details

According to, including a logo in your job ad helps to give your company an air of legitimacy that will cause candidates to want to work for you. The Internet has always been a level playing field for small businesses that are trying to compete with huge corporations. Include such details as:

  • Company logo
  • A company motto in quotes and italics
  • The company website address
  • Any professional affiliations your company has

These details make your ad look professional and allow you to compete side by side with anyone else looking for good talent. Since job hunters are paying attention to how your ad looks, you should also do the same thing.

Write A Job Ad And Not A Job Description

Inc. Magazine insists that way too many businesses simply copy and paste their job descriptions into online job boards and call that an ad. A job ad is supposed to entice job hunters to apply and using a job description as an ad will turn off a lot of talented people who would otherwise be interested in your job.

Spend just a few minutes explaining what kind of position you have open, the basic qualifications you are looking for, and what the job has to offer. Put yourself in the shoes of a job hunter and think of what you would want to know to get you excited about applying for the job.

Break Up The Ad

The subheadings you see in this article draw your attention to each section and break up the content for you as well. The purpose is to allow you to scan the content and decide if this is something that you want to read. Most people who read online content, even when they are reading job ads, scan the content first. Subheadings help you to break up the ad and make it easier for job hunters to become interested in what you have to say.

A good job ad draws in a job hunter and makes that job hunter want to apply. Instead of putting out sterile job descriptions with no character or substance, you should take just a few minutes to create an ad that will get you the kind of responses you need. By investing a little time in creating the perfect job ad, you will find the talent you need to help your company grow.

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