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For employers hoping to find the most qualified candidates, it all starts with writing a job ad that offers a clear picture of both the job – including responsibilities and type of contract – and the company, says Edoardo Bounous, CEO for Jobrapido, a job board that aggregates job listings by location.

“For jobseekers, it is very important to learn as much as possible about the company in a precise and synthetic way, because it gives them a feeling of security and trust,” he adds.

Edoardo recently checked in to offer more of his expert insight on the changes and challenges facing online job boards today and what sites can do to improve their traffic.
Managing a job site
Tell us about Jobrapido…when and why was the site started?

Vito Lomele founded Jobrapido officially in 2006. After 10 years spent abroad, in 2004 he decided to move back to Italy, and his first challenge was finding a job. This gave him an idea: create a job search engine to aggregate all the job offered in one place.

What sets it apart from other job boards?

Jobrapido provides jobseekers with a unique opportunity to search in just one place all vacancies posted on job boards, recruiters and employers websites. That way, jobseekers will not miss any opportunity and time, which is very important for job searching.

What do you think has changed about the way companies are finding qualified applicants and the way people are searching for jobs these days?

Certainly, LinkedIn and generally all social media platforms have revolutionized the way companies search for new talent today. The direct search, once reserved to just head hunters, is now one of the best practices for all recruiters in major companies, and it is mostly done thanks to LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and to CV search on major job boards’ databases.

In conclusion, now there is more direct search since it has become accessible to all recruiters.

Why is optimizing a site for mobile, or even better, building out a mobile app so critical today?

Today, mobile devices have become essential in everyday life. People spend a lot of time on their smartphones, using mobile apps. Many of them check for new offers directly on their mobile, so we wanted to adjust our service to their needs. The mobile app is a new and important step to consolidate our position in the U.K. and in other international markets and to strengthen the trust between our customers and us.

These days it seems like there is a movement away from one-size-fits-all career sites and more toward niche, profession-based sites, yet Jobrapido compiles millions of jobs from around the world – why do you think this model is still useful?

Because it is a simple, fast and easy model that can be used to reach any type of job profiles. When using our search engine, jobseekers just need to enter a job title (even if it is a specific one) and a location to get all the vacancies matching their search criteria that have been posted on thousands of websites. If they do not want to check the site every day, it is possible to receive on a daily basis all the latest vacancies directly in their email inbox, by simply subscribing to the Job Alert.

What are some of the biggest or most important lessons you’ve learned about running a job site?

Nothing is more important than taking care of our customers. We listen to them, and this does not just mean meeting their needs but also anticipating them. This is the key to making a better product. That is why it is so important to be up to date on new trends of job searching and adapt our business model to it. We want to stay top of the jobseeker’s mind.

How have you grown the audience for your site? What tools have you found to be the most useful for marketing?

We are always looking for new advertising channels in order to acquire new users. This year we launched our first mobile app, and we are working on improving our presence in search engine organic results. The most useful tool is without any doubt our Job Alert service. A daily email with new job offers that match their requirements and expectations is the best way to guarantee user engagement and loyalty.

On the flipside, what have you tried that didn’t work as well?

We have considered using infinite scroll on our pages, but after some tests, we noticed that the user experience did not get better. We still want to analyze it and find a way to better adapt it to the search engine model.

What do you think is the future for how companies around the world advertise jobs and how people search for jobs? What innovations excite you the most?

We are going through some very interesting times where we are facing structural and incontrovertible trends driven by the changing needs and behavior of jobseekers and recruiters. Mobile and apps are the new name of the game. Recruiters will need to come to terms on how to deal with mobile while jobseekers will use it more and more to find job information in a fast and easy way and, most importantly, at any time they want. We want to be able to serve both sides in a timely and accurate manner. This is a very exciting challenge.
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