Expert Interview with Brad McCorkle on Managing Niche Job Boards

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The biggest mistake companies make when it comes time to advertise job openings is not putting enough effort into selling either the job or themselves as employers, says Brad McCorkle founder of the niche job board Local Eye Site.

“We encourage employers to construct job ads in the same way they market their product or services,” he says. “Employers, in medicine especially, are competing for a limited resource, and thus need to put their best foot forward in recruiting.”

Managing Job Boards

Local Eye Site helps eye care providers address staffing issues by serving as a landing pad for Optometrists, Ophthalmic Technicians, Opticians, Optical Sales people, and others in the industry.

Here, McCorkle discusses his site and some of the challenges facing niche job boards like his.

Hi, Brad! Can you tell us a little about Local Eye Site? When and why did you start the site?

We created Local Eye Site in late ’07. At the time, I was a sales representative working in the ophthalmic industry. Working in an ophthalmic setting helped me gain an appreciation for the challenges associated with recruiting in a niche industry like eye care. Curiosity led me to the realization that there wasn’t an efficient, cost-effective solution meeting the needs of the industry.

Who should be using it?

Anyone who needs to source any type of professional (both clinical and non-clinical) working within the eye care industry.

What sets you apart from other internet job boards?

The way we attract qualified professionals and passive jobseekers. Our many partnerships with industry trade pubs and associations allow us to market our customer listings to experienced, passive and actively job-seeking industry professionals.

Why do you think niche job sites like yours are so critical to both employers and job seekers?

It’s our efficiency. We help employers and jobseekers communicate with a relevant audience, thus reducing the number of unqualified applicants and driving up the overall quality of the applicant. In the case of Local Eye Site, we also provide better access to passive jobseekers, significantly driving up the quality of the applicant. We do this by presenting career opportunities in places that experienced professionals not actively seeking work congregate. A great example is how we market near continuing education venues.

What are the biggest challenges of running a niche job board?

Smaller markets. You have to drive significantly higher market shares to survive.

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What advice do you have for employers on writing more effective job ads?

Put the same kind of effort and creativity into selling your position and company as you do in creating marketing to reach consumers.

What advice can you give online job seekers on responding to postings?

Respond as if you really want this job specifically, as opposed to wanting “any job.” Employers want motivated people that enthusiastically want to work for them.

What marketing methods have found to be the most useful for your site?

Partnerships with trade pubs and associations.

What do you think is the future for niche job sites like yours? How are you evolving to keep up with an increasingly mobile world?

Getting deeper, more involved in our specific industries as opposed to working broadly across lots of industries. We attend many trade shows in our industry, for example. Not many niche boards do.

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