Running a Political Job Site with Tom Manatos

There’s no rest for the owners of job boards – especially if their sites are targeted to people hoping to work on Capitol Hill.

And Tom Manatos, founder of, a board focused on connecting job seekers with careers inside the beltway and beyond, should know.

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“The time commitment never stops,” he says. “No matter what the political situation or where we are in an election cycle, there are always thousands of people looking for their next step in their career, and there is always a need to spread the word about job and internship openings.”

We recently checked in with Tom to learn more about how he manages his site and to get tips on improving job boards in general. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about Tom Manatos Jobs…when and why did you start your site?

In 2002, I had started working as a staff assistant in a leadership office on Capitol Hill – the Democratic Whip’s office. I felt I was in a privileged position and wanted to try to help fellow young professionals get jobs on Capitol Hill, which can be a very difficult place to break into.

I started by sending job and internship openings that I saw to friends and people who were trying to get a job or internship on Capitol Hill. While networking is central to getting a job in politics or in Washington, D.C., knowing about an opening is often half the battle, and we sought to help people know of those openings. As time went on, the word spread and the list grew.

In 2011, my wife and I launched our website and turned the service into a bipartisan and national service.

Why are you passionate about helping others find jobs in politics and government?

Many of us get into politics because of the love of public service. My wife and I believe that helping people find jobs in government or politics is a good way to continue that public service. Getting passionate and dedicated people into our government can only help improve the country.

What do you think employers can be doing better to target the right candidates?

Employers in politics and in Washington, D.C., often don’t post their openings due to the fear of having to go through hundreds of resumes. But in our experience of helping employers find quality candidates, they are always happier with the final product of the candidate search if they blast their opening far and wide.

What are your favorite tools for marketing the site? What’s been the most useful way you’ve found to reach your audience?

Our free daily email and word of mouth have been the best way to market our service. Over the last 12 years, hundreds of people have told us that when they first came to D.C., everyone told them to sign up for if they were in an internship or job search.

What are some best practices for attracting high-quality job postings?

Our list is known for having people who either want to work on Capitol Hill, are qualified to work there or are currently working on Capitol Hill. Oftentimes, employers who are looking for high-quality policy or political candidates poach them from Capitol Hill whether they are private, nonprofit, campaign or administration employers.

What do you think is the future for sites like yours? How will we be searching for and applying for jobs in five years?

Technology will continue to innovate and help us find jobs or candidates easier or communicate better. The information needed by an employer that is usually on a resume may be able to be obtained in many different ways in the future. For example, many companies today will look at someone’s LinkedIn profile and may ask someone to come in for an interview without ever asking for a resume. We may be able to find out about the jobs on different platforms like today’s TomManatosJobs app, Twitter account and Facebook page. Newer technologies are likely to emerge that will allow interviews to be conducted easier like Skype or Google+ Hangouts have in recent years.

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