How to Write Top Job Postings

So you want to help your customers craft a not-to-be-missed job posting? That’s not a problem, as long as you put in place certain principles that lead to more views, and, ultimately, more candidates to fill a specific position.

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Here are some ways to help your customers write job postings worthy of the top job search sites.

1. Get The Title Right

Here’s where you want to start thinking like a blogger. Bloggers, especially the most successful ones, are known for creating an eye-catching title that readers can’t resist clicking.

That said, hyperbole is to be avoided in job titles. You don’t want to advertise for a “Rock Star” unless you really are interviewing for a rock star. Also, avoid the use of unconventional titles, such as “Chief Architectural Liaison.” Nobody knows what that means, except people who already work for your company.

Put yourself in the position of someone who is looking for a job online. What keywords will that person use in his/her job search? What keywords best describe the position you’re offering? Find the intersection of those two lists and craft a title accordingly.

Also, make sure that those keywords are used frequently in the job posting. For example, instead of stating “the person in this position will be required to…” you should instead state “The Python developer will be required to…”

2. Get The Job Description Right

The job description is where the rubber meets the road. It’s where potential candidates will see if the advertised position is right for them.

Make certain that your job description includes the following: an overview of the requirements for the positing, salary, travel required, noteworthy challenges associated with the position, the potential for upward mobility, the department within the company that has the opening, and, most importantly, a reason why people should want that job.

3. The Job Requirements Should Stand Out

You want the job requirements clearly visible. They should be sectioned off, preferably boxed, and easily noticeable. That’s often the first thing that candidates will look at. Then, they’ll read more if they believe they meet the qualifications.

Also, appeal to a core group of individuals when you list the requirements. Don’t create a job posting that is meant to attract a large pool of candidates. You’ll be wasting your time as well as theirs. Instead, target people who have a very specific set of competencies and market to them.

Finally, just to put the icing on the cake, you should deter unwanted candidates from applying by clearly stating that only those candidates who meet the qualifications will contacted.

4. Double Check Your Work

Reread your job posting to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Those kinds of errors reflect poorly on your company and will deter some highly qualified candidates who take such things seriously.

Ask someone else to proofread the posting as well. Sometimes, a second pair of eyes will catch mistakes not noticed by the original author.

5. Use Visual Enhancements

The actual design of the job posting is very important. As many as 75% of candidates say that the look and feel of a job posting has influenced their decision to apply.

Use bold text so that specific parts of the posting stand out. Use bullet points to not only make things easy to read, but also to create some attractive visuals. Also, break the job posting up into sections that are clearly labeled, such as “Company Benefits,” “Job Requirements,” and “About Us.”

There is no such thing as the “perfect” job posting for everyone. However, with a little bit of added effort, you can make your job postings a lot more compelling to candidates. You’ll end up with a higher response rate and a better chance to find the perfect match.

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