Industry Trends All Job Boards Need to Know

Now that the recession of 2008 is in our rearview mirrors and fading into the distance, it is time to re-evaluate the recruiting trends going forward. Job boards that understand how to evolve and change will be the ones that capitalize on the new trends, while job boards that stick to the old ways will probably fade away.

Job boards occupy a spot in the ever-changing world of high technology, which means that they have to evolve their software as well as their business models. If you run a job board, then it is time for you to use the latest trends to your advantage and start generating some serious revenue.

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Specialization Is The Thing Now

Job boards used to try to match up employers with job hunters using very basic algorithms that forced the employer to do most of the legwork. These days, job boards need to help narrow down selections for employers and offer features that make it easier to find the exact type of employee the employers are looking for.

According to, employers are looking for more specialized employees to fill very specific kinds of roles. Job boards that can accurately match employers with the qualified employees they are looking for will be the ones that get the sustained business in the future.

Multimedia Is Huge points out that video and other forms of multimedia content are rapidly becoming popular in the job board industry. The job boards that are integrating searchable videos into their platforms are the ones that will be getting more traffic from employers and job hunters.

Job boards also need to utilize their multimedia capabilities to offer industry updates, training, certification options to job hunters. Maximizing the abilities of multimedia functions is a rapidly growing trend among job boards that will start to separate the successful boards from the ones that will struggle to survive.

Employers Need To Participate More

While many job boards have mechanisms in place that allow job hunters to respond to job listings directly, says that employers must get more involved in the process to help increase applicant responses. The job listings on job boards that featured links directly from employers found an increase in responses over those who only utilized the job board response system to get resumes and applications from job hunters.

When job boards take on new employers, it is important to get employers to make up landing pages for all job listings and include those links in the job board announcements. A full application process that looks like it comes directly from the employer is going to get much more of a response than simply listing an email address to send resumes.

Job boards have been pronounced dead over and over again for the past several years. But the truth is that the job boards which have invested in new technology and have worked to enhance employer engagement in the recruiting process are thriving. With more employers utilizing job boards to help recruit specialized workers, the job board owners need to keep pace with changing times if they want to increase revenue.

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