Job Aggregation – Is It The Future of Your Job Board?

Job hunters and potential employers are utilizing the Internet to a greater degree than ever before and that creates opportunities for your job board. If more job hunters are using the Internet to find work, then it would stand to reason that your job board should be extremely busy. But there is actually an over-saturation of job boards online and you need an edge to make yours stand out from the rest. and other job boards are what are referred to as job aggregators. They collect information from a long list of other job boards and present it as a summary for employers to use. It is a process that you may want to consider, as job aggregation is rapidly becoming the wave of the future in online recruiting.

Monster Is Already On The Move is not a job aggregator, but it is in the process of becoming one. In May 2014, Monster announced that it was taking the lead in job aggregation and offering a service to employers that would collect resumes from candidates all over the Internet and compile them into one service.

Monster’s model would develop an aggregator that would go to other job hunting sites, social media sites, and general Internet searches for those websites created by job hunters who are a little more proactive and offer all of that information to potential employers. It is a service that Monster claims is ahead of its time for job boards that are not known to aggregate and Monster thinks that it will give sites like a run for their money.

Aggregation Is Already Being Touted As The Wave Of The Future is on board with aggregation saying that it will make the process easier for job hunters and more efficient for employers. Instead of having to search multiple sites for qualified candidates, employers can use one aggregator and get the very best that the Internet has to offer.

For job hunters, aggregation means getting their credentials seen by job boards that they did not even sign up for. As long as a job hunter properly utilizes keywords and SEO content on their resume, they will be seen by every major employer on the Internet and significantly increase their chances of getting hired.

How Aggregation Helps Your Website

With more and more job boards doing aggregation, the separation between sites is the level of service being offered to employers. If you want your job board to be able to compete, then you should strongly consider aggregating resumes from across various Internet platforms and then offering that information to eager employers who will gladly pay for the ability to access a broader selection of candidates.

The key is to develop search tools for employers that utilize the aggregation of candidates in such a way that they can easily find the talent they are looking for. By focusing on aggregating candidates and servicing employers, your job board will grow.

Job aggregation has already created several successful job boards and it is being used by industry giants to improve revenue. Is job aggregation the future of your job board? It appears that job aggregation is the future of the recruiting industry and your job board will need to take advantage of that trend to generate maximum revenue.

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