4 Content Marketing Trends Job Board Managers Should Know About

As a job board manager, you should know about the effectiveness of content marketing. This is not to say that the focus of your board will be on content marketing. You still need job listings as your “go to” strategy for revenue generation. However, content marketing should supplement that strategy.

If you haven’t yet heard of it, content marketing is a marketing tactic that focuses on the creation and/or curation of valuable content as a means of acquiring an audience. The ultimate objective, as with any other aspect of marketing, is driving profitable customer action.

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Here are 4 content marketing trends that you should know about.

1. Successful Content is Primarily Based on Industry Trends

About 2/3 of all successful content is focused on industry trends. Check out any B2B website that has a blog or an approach to content marketing and you’ll find plenty of articles about current trends in business.

Obviously, industry-relevant content can be featured on your job board. This is especially true if your job board is specific to a particular sector (e.g., high tech). In that case, you can feature blog posts about current trends in that sector.

2. The Ultimate Goal is to Generate Revenue

As noted previously, the goal of content marketing is the same goal that’s shared by any other type of marketing. It’s meant to generate revenue.

Content marketing is about gaining an audience. It’s basically an attractant that brings people to your website.

However, that’s just a means to an end, with the ultimate end being increased income. There are several ways in which content can be monetized. The most obvious example is with online advertising.

3. Interest Targeting is a Key Quality in Content Marketing

Content marketing is used to produce articles that will pique the interest of people who are browsing online. This means that the subject must be one that tempts people to click a link. If the subject itself doesn’t generate enough interest, then often times a clever title is used to that will lead people to click on it.

4. Not All Content Marketing is with Original Content

Almost 2/3 of content marketing is curated rather than created. This means that someone found a great article or blog post at another site and decided that it was good enough to share on his or her site. Sometimes, the content will be given a new (perhaps catchier) title. Often, whole sections of the article will be quoted verbatim in the new blog post. Netiquette requires that a link be given back to the source of the original content.

Content marketing appears to be an Internet marketing trend that isn’t going away any time soon. Be sure practice it, at least to some extent, on your job board.

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