What is Job Wrapping? A Closer Look

The Internet is causing a lot of job hunters to look for options in filling their career needs. Since the recruiters go where the job hunters are, it is always in the best interest of your job board to determine exactly what services will attract job hunters. Up until recently, aggregate software had been a threat to online job boards because it could offer listings from all over the website and give job hunters options outside of job boards. But there has been a new process called job wrapping introduced that will help bring recruiters and job hunters back to your job board in droves.

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What Is Job Wrapping?

Job wrapping scours the Internet for listings directly from recruiting websites and employer websites and then puts those listings on your job board for job hunters to use. The entire ad is retained, including the method for applying. For example, if the employer wants people to apply directly by using a particular form, then the link to that form is retained. Job wrapping can translate HTML code into text and make sure that every job listing looks professional on your job board.

How Is Job Wrapping Different From Aggregator Feeds?

Aggregator feeds are keyword-driven summaries of job listings that tend to be incomplete and often do not include the proper way to apply for a job. Job wrapping retains the entire job listing and gives job hunters all of the proper information they need to understand the job and apply for it.

Aggregators also drive traffic away from your job board. This makes it impossible for you to sell advertising based on job listings and it also makes it impossible for your job board to offer custom applications to your job listing clients. With job wrapping, you can create a multitude of ways to present information and offer clients a variety of ways to get their listings searched by job hunters.

Can Job Wrapping Improve The SEO Of A Job Board

Recruiters and employers write job ads with SEO needs in mind. Since job wrapping retains the entire job ad, it is seen by Google as a new source of excellent SEO.

Attracting More Recruiters

Since your job board can determine which recruiting websites are featured by a job wrapping program, you can use the allure of your proprietary website apps to attract better recruiters and expand revenue. Recruiters are not fans of having to write ads for each job site and job wrapping eliminates that need while giving your recruiters the coverage they are looking for.

Attracting More Qualified Job Hunters

With job wrapping, your job board will have complete listings from the top recruiters and employers in the industry. Instead of having to wade through keyword lists from aggregators, your site will offer job hunters complete listings that are easy to search and have the types of jobs they are looking for.

Job wrapping allows your job board to look like the place where the top recruiters and employers place their ads to find top talent. You keep all of the job hunting activity on your job board and you can use the improved SEO features to bring in more job hunters and more revenue-generating clients.

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