LinkedIn Acquires for Job Matching Technology

On February 6, business-oriented social network LinkedIn announced the acquisition of, a site dedicated to job matching. was specifically designed to address complaints by employers that ”there are no qualified applicants,” and complaints by job seekers that their resumes are overlooked. The company developed technology to more effectively match up job seekers and employers. Bright agreed to the LinkedIn acquisition because they wanted to apply their job matching technology across the economy, and believed that LinkedIn provided the opportunity to do that.

Why Did LinkedIn Take This Step?

According to LinkedIn’s announcement of the $120 million acquisition, the two companies share goals: ”We’re both passionate about connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale and obsessed with increasing the effectiveness of the job seeking and recruiting processes.” LinkedIn has invested in development of projects like its ”Jobs You May Be Interested In” feature, and believes that by teaming up with Bright, they can take their data-driven approach to job matching to the next level. LinkedIn hopes to add more job listings in coming years, and they believe that job matching technology will help ensure more relevant and successful job matches.

Job Matching Is Critical for Job Board Success

Custom job boards are a popular and effective way for digital publishers and media companies to monetize their websites, but a poorly-designed job board may be worse than no job board at all. If a job board has a clunky interface, or if it’s not updated frequently enough, a site’s audience may begin to believe that the site owner doesn’t care much about site content. The sites that succeed with their job boards are the ones that choose the best technology with the features job seekers and employers like, such as mobile friendliness, an easy resume upload procedure, and accurate job matching. No one wants to send their resume into a metaphoric black hole, and employers don’t want to be deluged with resumes from unqualified applicants.

RealMatch Already Has a Track Record in Job Matching Technology

LinkedIn may just be getting around to being serious about job matching, but RealMatch has known about the importance of job matching for years. In fact, RealMatch changed online recruiting when it introduced its Real-Time Job Matching. technology that allows both employers and job seekers to clearly define their needs and preferences in order to get matched. RealMatch has developed a vast taxonomy of thousands of job categories, job titles, and skills and combined it with advanced artificial intelligence that eliminates inefficient keyword searching and matches up employers and job seekers accurately across all job types.

Moreover, Real-Time Job Matching helps employers instantly connect with qualified passive job seekers across a network of job sites. Real-Time Job Matching instantly matches passive job seekers to job openings based on specific job requirements, and skills and preferences of job seekers and delivers qualified resumes directly to the employer’s account, saving massive amounts of time and eliminating the inefficiency of old-fashioned keyword searches. Employers can view resumes that qualify as good matches, and then directly invite the person behind the resume to apply. It works in real-time so as job seekers update their skills or change their preferences, they are instantly re-matched to job openings for which they qualify.

Why Your Job Board Should Feature Job Matching

If your job board doesn’t deliver competent, tested job matching, it’s not working its hardest for you. Anyone can put up a string of job listings, but when your custom job board is backed by the technology required for successfully matching up high quality candidates (active and passive) with employers, it pleases both job seeker and employer. The result for your site is better traffic development, a more engaged audience, and better site monetization.

If you’re considering adding a job board to your website, don’t think that they’re all alike. Neither employers nor job seekers have time to deal with job boards that don’t use job matching technology. When you can show potential employers how well your job board matches them up with qualified job seekers, you’ll be more successful in getting top quality employers to list on your job board. And a well-populated, up-to-date job board that goes the extra mile to match up applicants with jobs is a job board that will be a clear asset to your website.

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