How to Make Your Niche Job Board Stand Out

Do you want your niche job board to stand out from the competition? If so, then there are certain best practices that you should follow.

Here are 4 great ideas to give your job board a competitive advantage.

1. Easy Navigation

We live in a time when almost everybody is very busy. Yes, this includes people who are looking for a job. Even unemployed people have families, responsibilities at home, and appointments.

What that means for you is this: People don’t have time to figure out how to navigate around your site. If they find your website to be user-hostile, they’ll just abandon it and go somewhere else.

The solution to that problem is to make your website so easy to use that even an Internet novice can navigate through it. It should be filled with easy-to-understand menus that are intuitively labeled. It should also feature multiple paths to the same points. That way, if someone finds that one method of navigation isn’t quite so obvious, then other options will be available.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

The principle that “the customer is always right” applies to niche job boards just as it applies to anything else. Put that principle to work as a webmaster.

There are numerous ways to practice good customer service on your website. One way is to promptly answer emails when you receive them. Another is to monitor your site’s social media accounts and respond to feedback (even negative feedback). Also, feature job postings that are likely to be in high demand on the front page.

3. Testimonials

Your niche job board should contain some type of social proof. One of the best ways to provide that is with customer testimonials.

You’ve probably seen other websites, especially those selling information about money making opportunities, prominently display quotations from satisfied customers. There’s a reason for that. Those quotations lend credibility to the offering.

You should learn from those examples. Ask people who have successfully used your job board for written endorsements. Then, post those endorsements on your front page where they can easily be seen.

4. Avoid Becoming Stagnant

Your niche job board should be updated regularly. If visitors to your site see that no new jobs have been added in the last month, then it’s likely that they won’t return. Be sure that you’re actively updating your site with the latest jobs relevant to your niche.

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Also, use content marketing to keep your board fresh. At least once a week, add a blog post that provides helpful information to people who frequent your site.

As a niche job board webmaster, you’re competing for visitors with other job sites. Be sure that your board stands head and shoulders above the rest by designing it so that people keep coming back.

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