Mobile Job Boards: Are They Really Something New, or Just Better Service?

mobile job board
Mobile job boards aren’t necessarily new, but they do offer a level of service both employees and job candidates need.

Today there are estimated to be more mobile-connected devices than there are humans on the planet. Mobile devices include smartphones and tablets, which grow more powerful with each new generation of technology. In 2012, mobile traffic worldwide grew by 70%, and sometime in 2014 or 2015, mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage.

Not all employers have mobile-optimized career sites, and connecting with the job candidates they want requires listing available jobs on custom job boards. To do their work most effectively, these job boards must be mobile-friendly, because if they’re not, employers will miss out on a lot of qualified job candidates. Mobile job boards aren’t necessarily new, but they do offer a level of service both employees and job candidates need.

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The Candidates Who Use Mobile

Millennials – younger adults born in the 1980s and later – use their phones and other mobile devices extensively, but mobile devices aren’t just for younger workers. In fact, mobile devices are likely to be the devices in use by job seekers that employers want, particularly passive job seekers. Passive job seekers are those who are already employed, but who may be on the lookout for great job opportunities, and who can be swayed by the opportunity to apply for their dream job.

Naturally, these job seekers aren’t going to apply for a job on their company desktop or laptop computers. Instead they’ll apply while they’re at lunch or on their way home in the evening, using a mobile device. The job boards they’ll use are the ones that are optimized for mobile devices and that allow easy application via devices, with a minimum number of clicks and minimal typing required.

The Employers Who Use Mobile

Mobile devices are useful to employers at every stage of the employment recruiting process. When an employer lists a job opening on a mobile-optimized custom job board, the hiring manager can use some of today’s most powerful recruiting tools, including 24/7 job matching, which makes matches between what an employer needs and the jobs that job seekers want, notifying each party when a strong match is made. Job boards that allow instant communication with promising applicants help employers move swiftly when they find a particularly good job candidate, and those that minimize keyword entry help employers keep up with promising new job candidates without hassle.

Waiting to get home or get back to the office to check job matches can mean risking the loss of a prime opportunity.
Waiting to get home or get back to the office to check job matches can mean risking the loss of a prime opportunity.

How Mobile Saves Everyone Time

Mobile job search saves all parties precious time. If an employer is interested, he or she can get in touch with a promising candidate right away. Job candidates don’t have to wait until they get home to check their email and have less risk of letting a dream job slip through their fingers because someone else pounced on the opportunity more quickly. Hiring managers can learn about a resume match as soon as it happens, and can send out a message of inquiry right away, rather than waiting until getting back to the office after an off-site meeting. Passive job candidates often don’t stay on the market long once they start hunting for that perfect job, and a hiring manager who acts swiftly is the one with the best chance of hiring that passive job seeker.

Your Website’s Custom Job Board

If you’re one of the savvy web publishers or media companies with cutting edge custom job boards as tools for audience and revenue development, you know the importance of mobile compatibility. The best job boards are the ones that connect with both employers and job seekers wherever they are, with the devices they use most, and in today’s rapidly moving world, mobile devices are often it. Your job board is one of the features that brings in new readers to your website as well as bringing back regular readers. When you allow your audience to use your job board on the go, you build loyalty and give them the tools they need to find the job that suits them best. RealMatch helps digital publishers and media companies develop custom recruiting advertisement solutions that build revenue along with audience loyalty.

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