New Job Board Survey Shows Reasons for Optimism and Concern

When a topic of interest gathers a lot of attention, it tends to be extremely dynamic. People need to work and that makes job boards and job hunting two very dynamic topics. If there is a way to innovate job hunting, then job board owners will find it and job hunters will use it. A new survey of job board use shows both good news and bad news for those who own and operate online employment websites. But when all of the information is put together, it creates a cohesive picture for the future of job boards.

The Threats Are There

According to, job boards are feeling the heat from social media platforms such as LinkedIn and aggregators. When you look at the numbers from the 2015 poll, it becomes apparent that aggregators offer the biggest threat to individual job boards with 69 percent of job board users utilizing aggregators to do job hunting.

The issue is that aggregators get their information directly from job boards, so individual job board owners are tasked with trying to draw traffic from among a flurry of other options. As technology advances, the need to separate your job board from the others becomes critical to your success.

Job Hunting Will Be On The Rise estimates that more than 33 percent of all current employees will be looking for new jobs if they do not get pay raises in 2015. That is great news for job board owners and presents an opportunity for job boards to show off their latest technology to a large audience that needs their services.

The survey indicates that 20 percent or more of all job hunters are using their mobile phones and tablets to access job boards. With the mobile computing market expected to see even more growth in the coming years, job board owners should be focusing on their mobile sites and mobile marketing.

What Does It All Mean?

The 2015 study indicates that half of all job postings are for single jobs and that 80 percent of all job board owners feel that their websites need to deliver high quality applicants to paying employers. This indicates an emphasis on quality that can help job board owners to get their websites to stand out from the rest. Job board owners can use aggregator sites as marketing platforms to attract applicants, and then employ an applicant screening process that delivers the types of candidates employers want. It is a two-part system that will increase revenue and gain a job board some much-needed exposure.

The numbers say that more job hunters will be using the Internet to find their next job in 2015, but individual job board owners risk being overshadowed by aggregator sites. Still, those aggregators need individual job boards to supply the candidates and job listings that people are looking for and that gives job board owners plenty of room to develop new ways of capturing quality applicants and growing their base of paying customers.

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