Your Job Board is a Source of News Too

To attract the maximum audience for your job board, it’s important to keep the very basics of website attraction in mind. For example, many job board owners do not realize that their websites are expected to be sources of news as well as job listings. When you offer the complete range of information and services that your target audience is looking for, then you will find it easier to attract more traffic and grow your revenue.

Using News Relevant Keywords

One of the reasons you want to keep your job board updated with news is because using current keywords increases your web traffic. When it comes to utilizing good SEO content, few things are more effective than current keywords. According to, job seekers are using the latest keywords that deal with news in their industry to find job listings. Some of the more creative and proactive job seekers are looking at news within their industries to find opportunities that others may miss. When you post industry news on your job board, you will attract that traffic.

This idea of using current keywords can be extremely effective if you run a niche job board. By using focused keywords in news stories dealing with current events in the industry your job board deals with, you will draw the maximum traffic to your niche site and increase your revenues.

Your Job Board Needs To Announce New Opportunities

According to, around 70 percent of professional engineers look to job boards to find out details about new opportunities. When an engineering firm is hiring for a special project or when a new engineering firm is opening with significant job opportunities, nearly seven out of 10 engineers say that they look to job boards for the details before social media or the 24-hour news networks.

The idea that job hunters look to job boards for business news makes a lot of sense and is something that your job board should be covering. If job hunters cannot get the details on new job opportunities from your job board, then why would they want to use your board to apply for those opportunities?

Industry Insiders Will Increase Your Credibility

Imagine you are a job hunter and you see a blog written by a well-known industry insider about new opportunities in your field. Now imagine that the blog you are reading is on a job board. The chances are very good that you will turn to that job board for future industry news and you will join that job board to find your next opportunity. Posting news that is delivered by reliable sources can give your job board credibility and increase your pool of qualified recruits.

What other website services is your job board missing besides being a source for news? Could you be doing more for job hunters that would attract quality candidates and increase your stable of employers? The key to a successful job board is being versatile and comprehensive. By offering news for job hunters that could help them to find better jobs, you will increase the number of quality candidates your job board will get and that, in turn, brings in the employers who will pay to reach those candidates.

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