What Resonates with Healthcare Job Seekers?

If you’re a healthcare recruitment advertiser or a career center manager, then it’s important to understand how to attract quality healthcare professionals.

As with recruiting for any particular discipline, there are distinctive best-practices when it comes to searching for and locating excellent healthcare talent. Understanding what moves healthcare professionals to action is step one. Here are a few ways to find top-notch job-seekers in the medical field.

Ensure That Your Job Board Is Responsive

If you have an online job board (and you should if you don’t), then you’ve already taken a great first step towards successful healthcare recruiting. Many healthcare professionals use job boards to locate their next career move.

However, three out of four healthcare professionals also use a smartphone. Often, they’ll use a smartphone to access medical information. It’s not unlikely, then, that they will use a smartphone, on occasion, to browse job boards.

That means that your job board should be viewable on a smartphone. If your website was designed years ago, then it’s likely it doesn’t adapt well to the small screen on a mobile device.

If that’s the case, then your website needs an overhaul, otherwise you risk losing part of your target audience. When discussing the overhaul with your web developer, the keyword that you should use (and listen for) is “responsive.” That means that your job board will look spiffy on any device, whether it’s a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Social Media

Don’t neglect a social media presence in your recruitment efforts. The various social media channels still represent some of the best ways to network with professionals from the comfort of your own home office.

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Interestingly enough, Facebook is the #1 source for networking with healthcare professionals. Most people might think of Facebook as a hangout for old high school or college friends, but people are using it to find jobs as well.

It’s easy to create a Facebook page that represents your business. Use that page to share information relevant to job seekers in the healthcare industry. Also, advertise that page on Facebook so that people who are searching for a job can find it. Finally, be sure to encourage visitors to your job board to “Like” your Facebook page.

LinkedIn is also a valuable social media tool for recruiting. Consider sending a connection request to every candidate that you speak with. This is a great way to build your network and create a larger audience to whom you can advertise open positions.

Be sure to avoid letting your social media accounts “go stale.” That is, continue to provide updates on your Facebook page and your LinkedIn account. Build brand awareness by sharing timely, relevant information with your online connections.

The success of your healthcare recruiting efforts depends on your ability to adapt to modern technology. This means that your job board needs to be responsive and you should use social media in your recruiting efforts.

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