4 Ways Employers Use Job Boards for Brand Management

Job boards are just for employers to post position openings, right?


Employers can also use job boards for brand management. A brand is an employer’s visual identity that makes a business recognizable and leaves a lasting impression on potential employees. Branding is important because it helps employers stand out from the crowd.

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Get the Look?

Businesses that have a unique or personal appearance are quickly associated with that specific look. Creating a look and sticking to it with every piece of marketing material used helps people make an unmistakable connection to a certain business.

This means remaining consistent with a certain color scheme and a specific typeface for all correspondence.

• Website design
• Emails
• Faxes
• Letterheads
• Business cards
• Job postings

Make Your Presence and Purpose Known

Employers who have a personal webpage or engage in ongoing messaging within the job board are more easily recognized and have a larger presence. Along with an ongoing presence, employers must decide what image they want to portray to potential candidates. In other words, why makes a company attractive in the job market?

• Is the company known for hiring only the best in their field?
• Is the business known for being on the cutting edge?
• Environmentally conscious?
• Is the company known as progressive or cool?

Once employers decide on how they want to portray their company to candidates, they must use all resource available to get the word out.

Target Specific Candidates

When employers know why candidates would want to work for their company, they can begin targeting qualified applicants by sending emails and text messages to those who they feel will promote the businesses core reputation and benefits.

Post and Repeat

Employers can take advantage of repetition to get noticed. Repetitive messages help ensure that the job board audience sees the employer’s brand. They can continue to send out a specific message, using a variety of delivery methods.

• Text messages
• Career Fairs
• Emails
• Job Listings
• Internet

It does require an ongoing effort to effective get an employer’s brand out there and maintain its presence. However, while certain employers are hard at work branding, others won’t be, so the company that does will see their candidate response rise.

Yes, branding is important, and it is estimated that a majority of companies, especially small businesses, do not have a brand, but those that do will definitely stand out and make connections with potential, qualified candidates.

Molly Smith is an author who loves to write on a variety of topics, including recruitment advertising.

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