For Job Boards, Knowing Your Candidates Often Equals Success

A job board requires two things to be successful – employers and good job candidates. Most job boards spend a lot of time and effort catering to their employers because the employers offer a steady stream of revenue. But without good candidates, a job board is unable to attract employers that feel the service is worth paying for. That is why your job board must focus on getting to understand your candidates and find ways to keep your candidates happy and attract more candidates just like them.

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Your Best Candidates Know What They Are Doing

According to, resumes that highlight accomplishments and are packed with relevant keywords are getting the most attention from employers. The best candidates already know what kind of information they need to put into their resumes, but they look to their job boards for help in determining specific data.

You can help your candidates by offering keyword suggestions for their resumes and publishing feedback from successful candidates on what makes a good resume. Not only can you get to know your candidates by examining their feedback and offering assistance, but you can also create an interactive feeling to your site that candidates will appreciate.

Maintain Contact With Your Candidates

If you stay in touch with your candidates through email, then you can get insights that will help you to better understand what your candidates need to find the jobs they want. While you will not get responses from every candidate when you send out emails, you will get interaction from some that will help you to understand your candidates better and develop better services for them.

According to, taking the initiative to contact your candidates and get their input creates an ongoing relationship that will be valuable to both parties. Your job board learns more effective ways to help candidates get the jobs they want, and candidates feel as though they have a resource to go to when it is time to make the next step in their career. This removes the notion that a candidate posting a resume to your job board is just a one-time transaction and turns it into a valuable relationship you can use to get to know your candidates very well.

It can be very difficult to get to know your candidates as well as you would like to, but the payback can be a more loyal base of candidates and the opportunity to attract candidates employers will want to see. When it comes to candidates and employers on a job board, the relationship needs to be beneficial to both parties if it is going to work. When you get to know your candidates better, then you can make the changes to your job board that will attract higher quality candidates and you will be able to maintain the candidate roster that you have.

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