The Importance of Branding with Job Boards

Have you ever given any thought to branding your online job board? You may think that branding is not for job boards, but you would be wrong. The bigger job boards such as and Glassdoor have specific brands that bring in revenue and attract employers. With a little effort on your part, you can create a brand for your job board that will make you the default choice for employers in your niche.

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Why Should I Brand My Job Board?

Branding gives your job board mindshare among your target audience and pushes your competition out of the picture. It protects your board from imitators and it improves your board’s placement on the search engine results pages.

A good branding strategy also makes your board look more appealing to employers and job hunters. An appealing job board will bring the kind of candidates your customers are looking for and that allows you to charge more for your services.


The image of your board is critically important to your branding. If your niche is a technical one, then you do not want bubbly little clowns bouncing around on your front page. You want a website that looks like it would be a resource for technical job candidates and looks like the kind of place that employers would go to fill technical jobs. When you make the visual image of your job board consistent with your niche, then you will also improve your search engine results.


Invest in good functionality that makes your job board effective and easy to use for employers and job hunters. Make your website feel professional when people use it and offer services that your employers and candidates will need. When your job board is easier and more effective to use than the competition’s, then your board will be the default choice for your customers.

Be Persistent

When you decide on a look and theme, then make sure that you use that look to design your entire job board. No matter where an employer or candidate goes on your site, they will always see your branding materials and have your website drilled into their subconscious.

Don’t Oversell

When you are putting your branding together, you should avoid being overzealous in an attempt to bring in more revenue. Do not talk about services you do not offer and always keep your website consistent with the needs of your clients. Industrial production companies really do not need flashy graphics to find the workers they need, so don’t try to oversell your job board by putting in those graphics and distracting from your real purpose.

According to, corporations brand themselves when they are looking for candidates to make sure that they are more appealing to the best candidates available. If your customers are taking the time to develop brands just to appeal to the right candidates, then it makes sense that you should brand your job board to make it more appealing to everyone in your niche.

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