The Job Board Doctor: Simplicity > Complexity with Job Boards

Jeff Dickey-Chasins, widely referred to as The Job Board Doctor, recently wrote a helpful article for job boards of all sorts: Simplicity versus complexity – why the former is always better. We all know how tedious and time consuming the job search can be – but once we’re on the other end, looking for the perfect match to fill an open position, we want to add a bunch of filters and qualifying questions to ensure we weed out the unqualified and get the best results. Does this really work?

the job board doctor, job board simplicity
The Job Board Doctor says: Simple Beats Complex every time.

Simple always wins over complex, as Dickey-Chasins states:

Where can job boards reduce complexity and increase simplicity? (And how will they convince employers to go along?):

  • Search: I ask you – why must a job seeker know Boolean to get good results? And why must they type? Why can’t they just submit their resume and have it turned into a search query?
  • Mobile: No, the job seeker does not want everything on the mobile site. Just the good stuff.
  • Apply: Maybe the job board has no control over the ATS, but it does have control over the application process for employers without ATSs. Keep it simple.
  • Register: If the job board wants candidates to register, then keep it simple – name and email. The rest of the info can come later.

Jeff Dickey-Chasins |

According to Dickey-Chasins, some hurdles and qualifying questions are necessary… but there’s always room to simplify: for the job seeker AND the employer alike.

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