How to Use Recruitment Marketing to Improve Your Job Descriptions

What is Recruitment Marketing?

One of the new phrases making the rounds in the online job board industry is something called recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing is a blend of career recruiting and the marketing elements companies use to attract customers. While recruiting and marketing sound like two completely different things to most people, the truth is that marketing experts are starting to become significant collaborators with recruiting professionals and developing online job board ads that have a very different appeal.


Keywords Count To Job Hunters

Research suggests that the same keywords that attract customers should also be used to attract potential job candidates as well. When job hunters utilize online job boards, they also use Internet search functions to find the jobs they want. If you want your recruiting ad to reach the right audience, then you need to have the same feel for keywords that advertisers do. By utilizing the right keywords, your company can find the target audience of qualified applicants that will help your company to grow.

Marketing Professionals Know How To Stand Out

The saturation of information in the online job board industry tends to go both ways. While there are a lot of candidates looking for jobs, there are also a lot of companies putting out job ads that tend to sound very similar. Marketing experts are used to analyzing the messages that are out there and developing something that will stand out from the rest. This can be extremely helpful when your company has a job opening to fill and the deadline to fill that job is growing nearer.

Using The Company’s Brand

It is human nature for job hunters to have a higher level of curiosity when it comes to jobs with companies they have heard of, as opposed to companies with a weak marketing presence. If a company has strong brand name recognition, then it should use that brand name when looking for qualified employees. Part of the reason that recruitment marketing tends to be more successful than standard online recruiting practices is because recruitment marketing plays into the brand name recognition work that has already been done. If your company has a recognizable name within your industry, then you should use that name to get the kind of employees you need to grow.

Marketing is a process used to determine what type of message would successfully motivate a specific target audience to act in a particular kind of way. In reality, online recruiting is the exact same thing. That is why recruitment marketing is being used by many companies to improve job descriptions and get better results. By utilizing the tactics of a marketing professional, a recruiting expert can identify their target audience, determine the type of message that would be most successful in inspiring that audience, and then develop content that will get the right results. It is a natural marriage of two processes that work extraordinarily well together.

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