What 4 Niche Job Boards Are Doing Differently

Niche job boards are starting to take advantage of the specialization that has been going on in the job market for years. These days, being a generalist in almost any field is not going to be enough to get you hired. According to job recruiting expert Bruce Dorskind speaking on HCareers.com, the days of the big generalist job boards are waning as specialized job boards are taking over. This may mean that job board owners will want to review their audience and see what niche they are appealing to and start capitalizing on that niche.

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When it comes to capitalizing on the success of a growing trend, it always helps to have a model to look at as a template for creating your own niche board. Of course, one of the attractions of niche job boards is their individuality. But there are things every niche board has in common that will help you to determine how to create your own successful site. By looking at the most successful niche job boards online now, you can find that common thread and use it to pave your own way to success.


AdRants is an advertising job board that offers plenty of advice with its job board postings. The theme of AdRants plays on the stereotypical look of an ad agency created by the “Mad Men” television show. The idea of using modern pop culture stereotypes as design themes for a niche job board is one of those common threads that was mentioned earlier.


Beyond.com is gaining in popularity as a niche job board even though it really does not fit the traditional definition of a niche board. It caters to a wide audience of different types of job hunters, but it offers incredibly detailed information on where the best jobs are located, what pay people can expect, and which industries are expected to grow. The common threat Beyond.com shares with other niche job boards is its delivery of incredibly detailed and helpful information for job hunters.


Niche job sites offer extensive information that is difficult to get anywhere else on jobs that are growing rapidly. With the world embroiled in war for years, the number of former military people with military and security clearances looking for work is growing quickly. ClearedPath helps that very specific niche find employers and it is becoming very successful at it.

eFinancial Careers

One of the first niche job boards to gain a foothold in its industry was the eFinancial Careers job board and it continues to grow. Where general job boards would allow confusing and sometimes misleading financial career listings to be published, eFinancial Careers screens their job postings and offers quality listings for all of its job hunters.

The idea of running a niche job board is becoming more and more popular these days as more specialized careers are being developed. People no longer want to wade through the spam ads on general job boards just to find the jobs they are looking for and, with niche job boards, they no longer have to.

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