Why Job Boards Should Offer Competitive Pay


When you run a job board, you act as a go-between with employers and employment candidates. The service you provide has immense value to both sides of your equation and you need to make certain that your website is always bringing in the best possible candidates and job leads to keep your traffic happy. But how do you bridge that gap between what employers want and what candidates are willing to accept? The solution may be as simple as making sure that your job board offers competitive salaries.

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The Gap is a large organization that must always find ways to compete in order to survive. But for companies like the Gap, competition means finding more customers and finding the quality employees to service those customers. The Gap recently raised its minimum pay to $9 per hour and has plans to increase that to $10 in 2015. The result of raising its wage is that the Gap has seen a 20 percent increase in applications for employment. The Gap now has its choice of quality employees and that will help the Gap to grow and compete in the future. Your job board can also benefit from the idea of offering higher salaries in ways that could secure your website’s long-term future.

Reputation Is Critically Important

According to the SwitchandShift.com website, paying employees more money means that a company’s reputation among job hunters is very positive. When your job board offers job openings from respected employers, then that is going to significantly improve your board’s reputation.

Marketing a website is critical to its success, but word of mouth advertising is still extremely powerful on the Internet. By listing jobs that pay more, your site benefits from being considered a premier place to find a job.

Better Quality Workers Bring Better Employers

As a job board owner, you have to consider what kind of product or service you really offer. If you follow the traditional business model, then you are charging employers to search your site for employees. If employers cannot find quality employees, then they won’t use your job hunting website. If you utilize employers that pay higher wages, then your site will attract the kind of quality employment candidates that companies want to talk to.

Better quality workers bring better quality employers. If your site offers jobs with higher wages than other sites, then it will be easier to entice the better employment candidates to set up accounts on your site.

Higher Paying Jobs Bring Serious Inquiries

The Gap expects higher quality work from its employees in exchange for the higher pay. When you advertise higher paying jobs on your job board, you will be attracting the more serious employment candidates who will create more value for your employers. By offering higher paying jobs, you will get the candidates who take their job hunting seriously. These are the kinds of candidates who will increase your traffic and improve the quality of your offering.

Job hunting websites need to have something for everyone if they want to be successful. But if you really want to enhance the value that your job board offers to job hunters and employers, then you need to offer the higher paying jobs that the best candidates want to fill.

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.

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