3 Lesser Known Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic


Website traffic is essential to your company’s growth. The number of visitors flowing through your website each day determines your profits from advertising, the number of paid subscribers you can expect to see, and revenues from related products and event sales. But taking the right steps to grow your website traffic requires thinking beyond the basics of SEO and advertising.

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There are numerous ways to attract more people to your website and convert them into paying customers that start with how you plan your content and ends with how you promote it. Here’s a closer look at three lesser known ways to increase your website traffic.

1. Content Partnerships

Initially, it may seem counter intuitive to post your stories and visual content on other websites. After all, isn’t that simply likely to attract readers to the other website? It’s actually more complicated than that. While a Google crackdown on spammy guest posting tactics has made website owners more cautious in their guest posting strategies, content partnerships remain effective. As readers of other sites enjoy your material, they’re more likely to visit your website and become fans of your brand. Search for partnerships that allow you to showcase your brand and link back to your site in prominent ways.

This is a particularly interesting opportunity for publishers. Identify content related to your job board that is already being produced by the editorial side of the business and integrate relevant content onto your job board. After all, if someone is looking for a job on your job board, they are probably also looking for job advice.

2.Syndicate Your Content on LinkedIn and Other Networks

If your content has a professional orientation or is of interest to people in the business world, LinkedIn’s recent publication capabilities are a boon. Any member can share their content or publish original blog posts. Your entire network will see the material that you share on LinkedIn. Each time a reader comments on your publication or shares it with their network, it’s even further amplified. It’s easy to get traction on LinkedIn with existing content, so there’s no need to plan for a dedicated LinkedIn content stream. As a result, this is a simple and effective promotional method that can build your brand and increase click through rates to your site. This strategy is especially effective if you have integration between your listed jobs and content. When good content brings traffic to the site, it is likely that traffic to your job board will increase too.

3. Interview Big Brand Names

Does your content plan include interviewing leaders in your field? If not, it’s time to rethink your strategy. From building blogs to establishing a reputation, one of the best ways to do so is to capture the attention of thought leaders in your space. The power of their brands and the reach of their networks offer significant benefits. Readers are curious to hear more from valued thinkers. And when you publish an interview with these individuals, they’re likely to share it with their own readers, which lends authority to your website and sends new visitors your way.

If you’re struggling to generate a steady flow of visitors to your website, your efforts need to reach from your content planning efforts to your partnerships and promotions. Thinking beyond the basics of SEO and advertising will help you create a world-class website that new visitors will enjoy, share, and visit time and again.

Which method of increasing traffic does your company utilize the most? Do you prefer key word optimization, link building, content syndication or a different method?

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