5 Things Top Job Sites Know that You Don’t

What makes top job sites successful? It’s not any single factor, but rather how the site puts together features that reach out to that site’s specific audience.

Job seekers appreciate not having to wade through 100 job listings to find one that's suitable.
Job seekers appreciate not having to wade through 100 job listings to find one that’s suitable.

Job seekers who go to top job sites generally know what to expect there, whether it’s a giant bazaar of every type of job imaginable, or a small boutique displaying highly selective job openings. Whatever the ”personality” of a successful job site, it will probably have the following five characteristics, and you can learn from them when you decide to monetize your site by adding a custom job board.

1. Matching Your Job Board to Your Site’s Ethos Makes a Difference

If you publish a digital magazine that focuses on the environment, then it makes sense that your job board would feature ”green” jobs. Or, suppose you publish an online newspaper geared toward members of the military. In that case, it would make sense to have a job board that emphasizes veteran-friendly employers. To do this effectively, you have to know your audience from monitoring analytics, from your social media responses, and from comments on blog posts. The better you understand your website’s visitors, the better you can target your white label job board to their needs and wants.

2. Go Mobile or Go Home

Is your job board software mobile-friendly? If not, you should seriously rethink your provider. Mobile job search is extremely important to today’s job seekers, who search for jobs on their lunch hours, while waiting at the DMV, or between innings at their kid’s baseball game. Mobile-friendly means that users don’t have to pinch and zoom, and that applying for jobs using a mobile device is as simple and straightforward as possible. Make sure users can store resumes for quick submission, and that the application process is short and sweet.

3. Social Recruiting Is Reality

”Shareable” is an adjective that’s on the mind of every website owner, because shareable content is one of the keys to traffic development. The job listings on your site’s job board should be shareable too. When your visitor spots a job that would be perfect for her sister, she should be able to share that with a click. By the same token, your job board should be mentioned periodically in your social media posts, to rekindle interest from repeat visitors, and to bring in new job seekers. Job hunting and social media are becoming more closely intertwined with each passing day.

Social media and sharing are increasingly important in job recruiting today.
Social media and sharing are increasingly important in job recruiting today.

4. Job Seekers Burn Out on Job Aggregators Quickly

Huge job aggregators have their advantages, but there are also disadvantages for job seekers and employers who list on them. Job seekers know their resumes and applications are going into pools with thousands of others, and employers know they will be inundated with applications from people who aren’t qualified. It’s hardly ideal, but their loss is your gain. When your site has a targeted job board that matches up with your targeted audience, you serve both parties and your revenue development strategy all at once.

5. Convenience for the Job Seeker is Essential

Top job sites know that job seekers want convenience, and they choose job board software that offers instant job alerts, integrated chat and email, instant job matching features, and one-click application. The last thing you want is for job seekers to abandon their application midway through. This frustrates them, makes them less likely to continue their job search on your job board, and makes them less likely to share promising job opportunities with friends. For your job board to be successful, it has to make the search and application process as user-friendly and timely as possible.

People still pound the pavement to look for jobs, but they turn to job boards for the utmost in convenience and efficiency. To succeed with your site’s job board, it should be tailored to your audience’s needs, mobile friendly, selective about jobs posted, integrated with social media, and convenient to use. RealMatch offers all this and more, plus an exciting revenue sharing model that can be an integral part of your site’s revenue development plan.

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