5 Ways to Identify New Advertiser Prospects

The proactive online publisher is always looking for new advertisers and new forms of revenue that can help to grow their website. In order to find new advertisers, you need to be persistent and creative. It is not enough to simply identify a potential advertiser and then court them for their business. You need to put together a package that shows that you have something to offer each advertiser and also develop ways to have advertisers come to you.

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Start A New Series

If you want to bring in new advertisers, then start a new series of content on your site that will attract a specific type of advertiser. For example, you could start a series on the muscle cars of the 1960s and then reach out to auto parts advertisers to generate revenue for the series.

Once you have attracted a new advertiser with a specific series of articles, then you can start talking about more long-term advertising that will extend beyond the life of the series. It can all start with a specific series of content and result in a long-lasting advertiser relationship.

Work On Bundle Deals

Inc. Magazine suggests that to get new advertisers, you should consider offering bundling packages that can allow advertisers to spread out their pricing. For example, you can put together a package that is designed to bring more exposure to shoe manufacturers and create it so that shoe manufacturers can buy into a series of advertisements at discounted costs. You can use rotating banners on your site to sell the space you need and spread out the cost over several new advertisers.

Use Your Current Customer Base

Do you have a food service advertiser who has a long list of professional contacts that would benefit from advertising on your publishing website? Then offer that food service client a referral fee for bringing new clients to your business and watch the revenue roll in.

Your current advertisers are satisfied customers that you can use to expand your existing business. A referral program that rewards customers for bringing in new customers will not only enhance current customer loyalty, but it will create a steady stream of very hot advertising leads that you will be able to turn into paying clients.

Try A Little Bartering

The MarketingDonut website suggests that not all of your new advertising revenue needs to be in cash for your business to grow. If you are in desperate need of printing services for your publishing business, then talk to a printing company about exchanging advertising for services. You will find that bartering advertising to get things done is extremely convenient, but be sure to limit your bartering because you still need cash revenue rolling in to stay in business.

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