City-Specific Job Boards: A Huge Traffic Opportunity

The keyword phrase ”job boards” along with the name of a city is one of the most powerful search combinations for those seeking jobs, with millions using this type of search query every month.

Millions of job seekers search based on both profession and location.
Millions of job seekers search based on both profession and location.

Most readers aren’t interested in browsing just any jobs, but are focused on the ones in their area. That’s why web publishers who include job boards on their sites sometimes split them into top city markets in the interest of getting high quality audience development. With a region-specific or city-specific job board, searches for ”job boards Chicago” will go to the Chicago section of a site’s job board, saving the user time and helping ensure employers aren’t deluged with resumes from people who don’t want to relocate.

Dividing Job Boards Into Top City Markets

If you are a digital news publisher or run a trade publication or trade association website, look for a job board solution that allows you to create region- or city-specific job boards as part of your revenue development plan. This makes your users’ job searches more productive and helps employers by allowing searchers to self-screen and only submit applications on job boards for cities they’re interested in. Huge job aggregators and job search engines are slowly falling out of favor with both employers and job seekers because of inefficiencies and lack of specificity. Niche job boards and job boards specific to particular locations are becoming the preferred setup for both employers and potential job candidates.

Researching Effective Keywords for Listings

If your site includes a job board, then depending on how much hand holding you offer employers who buy listings, you may want to offer keyword advice or a brief handbook on how employers can use keywords effectively in their listings. The way job listings are written can make a big difference in how well they are represented in search engine queries. Employers should use keywords that are commonly searched by job seekers in the employer’s niche. Today, a standard job listing without search engine optimization simply isn’t sufficient for maximizing the number of interested and qualified applicant responses.

Learning how to use keywords effectively can make all the difference in a job listing's effectiveness.
Learning how to use keywords effectively can make all the difference in a job listing’s effectiveness.

Employers Should Focus on a Handful of Keyword Combinations

Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool is free and can offer insight into good keyword combinations to use in job listings. For example, a search on ”nurse anesthetist jobs” returns over 650,000 search engine results, whereas ”nurse anesthetist jobs Seattle” brings in 83,600 results. Not only would writing a city-specific job listing help job seekers, but in this example the smaller number of search results would make it that much more likely that the employer using this keyword combo could rank highly in search results, raising the profile of the job listing while helping filter out unqualified applicants and applicants not interested in working outside the Seattle area.

How RealMatch Helps You Succeed

RealMatch created the largest recruitment ad network in the US with TheJobNetwork. Today, reaching qualified, interested job candidates requires a job board solution with extended reach and optimized distribution of listings. RealMatch enables digital publishers to offer their job advertisers reach to over 1,000 job sites viewed by over 100 million job seekers every month, with a single posting. Online job boards that target a particular city, industry, or both are a great way to increase the number of qualified applications, saving employment advertisers time and money, and RealMatch has the tools available to help publishers offer this today.

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