How a Publishing Association can Expand Your Content Monetization Strategy

If you were, say, an aerospace engineer or an orthopedic surgeon, you would more than likely join a professional association early in your career for the many personal and professional benefits such an association can confer. Likewise, if you’re an online publisher, joining a publishing association can be a very savvy move for you personally, and for your business.

Who you know professionally can positively affect your content monetization strategy.
Who you know professionally can positively affect your content monetization strategy.

Today’s publishing associations have the latest information about what works and what doesn’t in terms of audience development and content monetization, and have many forums for sharing that information.

Sure, it’s easier than ever to monitor online trends and find research relevant to your business model and your online audience. But publishing associations can help you take your knowledge further by sharing an often very broad and deep base of knowledge of the industry and by knowing people who can inspire, advise, and help you as you take your business to new heights. Here are some of the many benefits of joining a publishing association.

Market Updates Keep You on Point and Ready

Publishing associations usually address publishers in a specific geographical region, or they address a specific type of publication, such as hyper-local community papers, or free tabloid weeklies. By joining an association relevant to your particular publication, you avail yourself of the common wisdom that develops when professionals in your niche get together and share their experiences and what they’ve learned over the years. With online publications, knowing the latest content monetization or social media trends can keep you informed and ready to seize opportunities early.

Conferences Present Great Networking Opportunities

Most publishing associations hold conferences of some sort. This can be anything from a weekly ”happy hour” to a big annual conference. Either way, these events present a terrific opportunity for you or your employees to network and feel the pulse of the industry. Conferences often include presentation of research results you won’t find online, so you can explore new ways to engage audiences and implement content monetization strategies based on real facts and trends. And presenting your own research is a great way to raise your profile and help your publication be seen as a leader in its niche.

Seminars Help You Stay on Top of Your Game

Seminars by publishing associations can help you gain perspective on the industry and learn about new trends.
Seminars by publishing associations can help you gain perspective on the industry and learn about new trends.

Some publishing associations hold regular seminars that educate professionals just like you on business principles, trends in journalism, and how business models are developing as the digital shift continues. These seminars not only give you the tools and knowledge you need to improve your professional skills, they give you yet another opportunity to network and let others know about your publication. And should you volunteer or be asked to present a seminar, it shows that you’re a go-getter and someone to be watched in the industry. This can be a tremendous advantage when it comes to things like establishing reciprocal guest blogger relationships.

Speakers Bureaus Can Extend Your Reach Even Further

Some publishing associations have their own speakers bureaus, and if you’re a good public speaker, joining one can raise your individual profile and that of your business. Being asked to speak to a local businesswomen’s club or chamber of commerce helps you be seen as an expert in your field and lets you get the word out about your publication in a receptive setting. It can also be a terrific way to get to know potential advertisers and sponsors for your publication.

Joining a publishing association is a smart professional move. You can check out a fairly extensive list of publishing associations here to get started. Once you find one or more associations that look promising, get to know more about them by reading their websites and asking questions. Once you find a publishing association that appears to be a good fit for your business and its priorities, joining can be the first step toward many valuable personal and professional contacts, and an opportunity to improve your business and its content monetization strategy.

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