Microsoft’s Bing Pulse and the Future of Audience Engagement

Have you ever gone to a political debate between two local candidates running for a local office and wondered who won? When there are presidential or congressional debates, the results are shown instantly thanks to some pretty aggressive technology. But now there is something that your media websites and newspapers can use to help gauge the response to any event and that tool is called Bing Pulse. With this tool, your media website could become the go-to resource for the real information that your readers and viewers are looking for.

What Is Bing Pulse?

Bing Pulse is an interactive program that allows people to show how they feel about an event by voting in real time. For example, if that local political debate was using Bing Pulse, then each candidate would know if they were engaging the audience, or if the audience was tuning the candidates out.

Microsoft has developed an app for Bing Pulse that allows people to log into an event tracker and vote on how they feel. Then the Bing Pulse app collects the votes and displays the information in the form of a graph. That graph can be displayed in real time, or it can be collected throughout the event and used later to evaluate the performance of each participant.

Why Does Your Media Site Need Bing Pulse?

In 2015, Microsoft will release a subscription version of Bing Pulse that will allow anyone to create their own voting event and track their own information. When Bing Pulse first came out in 2013, Microsoft had to create the event for media outlets and set up the app for people to download. But everything will be automatic in 2015 and any media outlet can allow anyone with a Bing Pulse app to voice their opinion about an event in real time.

What does this mean for your media website? Well, you can ask people to log into your Bing Pulse event for the big, local sporting event and gauge how people felt about the on-field officiating in real time. Basically, Bing Pulse allows you to stop guessing what your audience is thinking and find out for sure what people really have on their minds.

Bing Pulse Can Help You To Alter Your Advertising

You can work with your advertising clients to set up Bing Pulse events for their businesses and get real-time information on how customers feel about price promotions or certain products. You will be able to collect extremely valuable information about consumer tendencies and use that information to develop advertising that really works.

Bing Pulse Enhances Social Media Conversations

The Wall Street Journal points out that Bing Pulse could be a step above Twitter in gauging the real responses that consumers have with advertisements and attendees have with events. Bing Pulse can tie directly into any social media platform and facilitate real-time conversation about a political debate, sporting event, retail store sale or any event you are covering. It will make your media website the central hub of vital and dynamic conversation and that can lead to big revenues.

The public always wants their opinions to be heard and Bing Pulse allows the voice of the people to ring loud and clear. If you want to draw more people to your media website, then you need to start thinking about utilizing Bing Plus for your upcoming events and make your media website the source for all vital conversation.

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