Upcoming Webinar: Where the Recruitment Dollars Went with Gordon Borrell

Gordon Borrell and RealMatch June 9th 2pm

First, recruitment advertising evaporated from newspapers. Now, it seems, they’re evaporating from online, at least for those who chased the advertising business model to the digital world. But recruiters are actually spending more online than ever. This year, for the first time, more than half of their money will go to online ”services” than toward buying listings and banners. At a whopping $10 billion, digital services are hot as the recruiters grapple with how to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other forms of social media to target the most valuable candidates – those ”ultra-passive jobseekers.”

Gordon Borrell will help webinar participants get realistic by looking at what some sites are doing to serve recruiters and how much is coming out of this lucrative ”services” segment.

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

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