3 Ways Job Boards Can Make You More Money

Job boards are a key element in website audience development. Since they are by nature current and relevant to your audience, they attract new website traffic and make your website stickier for existing traffic.

Want to boost site traffic short term and long term? Consider adding a job board.
Want to build your audience short term and long term? Consider adding a job board.

It doesn’t matter whether the job market is hot or cold: People are interested in what’s happening in recruitment within their industry. If a person is actively looking for a job, she/he is naturally going to look at job boards relevant to their industry. Passive job seekers can always be enticed by another employer which is why so many seekers keep tabs on potential opportunities. Even those who are happily employed still keep a mindful eye on the job market, if for no other reason than to determine the best time to ask for a raise or promotion.

Custom job boards are a great way to increase and retain healthy web traffic, and can increase site revenue as well. Here are three ways a job board can earn you more money.

1. By Increasing the Audience for Employers and Your Advertisers

As your web audience development proceeds apace, more employers will want to buy listings on your website’s jobs board. At the same time, increased traffic makes you more valuable to your advertisers. If an advertiser knows his ads will receive attention on your site because of your healthy web traffic, he’s more likely to continue to buy ads. If you rely on pay-per-click advertising like Google AdSense, you may be able to branch out and sell ad space directly to advertisers and charge a higher price once your traffic shows steadily increasing levels. In short, higher traffic numbers increase advertisers’ competition for ad space on your site.

2. By Encouraging Sponsorship for Special Content

If your trade website develops a reputation as the “go-to” site for those in your trade, the companies that buy listings on your job board will take notice. They may purchase ad space, or they may be amenable to directly sponsoring content, e-books, or special reports on your website. Sponsored content can be a terrific way for your site to earn revenue because it not only benefits you, it benefits the sponsor and the visitors interested in the content. A lively jobs board on your site increases the chance of your landing lucrative sponsorships for content.

3. By Attracting More Customers for Your Products and Services

More traffic means more sales, and job boards definitely attract more traffic.
More traffic means more sales, and job boards definitely attract more traffic.

If you sell products or services on your website, increased traffic generally translates to increased sales. Whether you sell e-books, special reports, or branded merchandise, a custom job board in your industry will attract exactly the people who are likely to be interested in buying. Suppose a regular visitor lands a job through a listing on your website’s job board. Suddenly he’s going to be a lot more interested in the e-book your site sells on current industry trends. Bottom line: More revenue for you.

RealMatch offers recruiting advertising solutions for trade publication websites that provides a superior user experience for you and for those searching for jobs. Features for job seekers include:

  • Job match alerts

  • Real-time job matching

  • Profile and resume management

  • One-click application for jobs

  • Social media integration for sharing opportunities with others

Employers, who pay to list on your job board, fuel your revenue sharing and enjoy benefits like applicant screening, grading, and tracking. With integrated chat and email, employers can communicate with job seekers in real time. They can even peruse relevant LinkedIn profiles ranked on qualifications.

You’ll benefit directly from revenue sharing when employers advertise priority jobs or sponsor virtual career fairs. You’ll even have all the necessary tools and reports to increase the number of employers who want to advertise on your job board. Furthermore, since RealMatch job board software is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, you don’t have to install or manage software on your own servers. Job boards are a perennially attractive feature for your website, whatever the state of the jobs market, and they can be a terrific way for you to monetize your trade website and increase site revenue.

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