4 Site Monetization Tools to Consider for 2015

In 2015, the American public will have its second go-around with Obamacare and the opportunities to make money with your healthcare-related website are growing. The Healthcare.gov website, unlike most other government run facilities, has been evolving and changing quickly. If you want to boost the revenue generated by your healthcare-related website, then there are a few tools you should consider adding to your site that will increase your traffic.

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Offer A Guide To Employer-based Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act has completely changed the way that employers offer health insurance to their employees and, even after two years of trying to explain the system, most people are still confused as to how it all works. According to US News and World Report, the need for information on employer-based health insurance is growing at a phenomenal pace.

If you want to get people to utilize your healthcare-related website as a resource, then you need to dedicate more than a few pages of your site to helping your audience to understand its options with employer-based health insurance and guide them through the process. A comprehensive tool that explains the responsibilities of employers when it comes to health insurance and advice on how to compare plans will be very helpful to your readers.

Install A Health Insurance Subsidy Calculator

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a trusted resource for people looking for healthcare information and it is also a website with one of the best health insurance subsidy calculators on it. People want to know if they qualify for tax breaks with their health insurance and how much those tax breaks will be. There are a lot of variables involved in calculating subsidies, but you could become an invaluable resource to your audience if you include a subsidy calculator on your healthcare-related website.

Help Customers Compare Private And Public Plans

According to CNN.com, comparing public health insurance plans to private plans is a daunting task because the information for both is found on separate websites. If you want to drive more traffic to your healthcare-related website, then you need to help your visitors to be able to compare private insurance offerings in their state to the public offerings available at Healthcare.gov.

A comparison tool for private and public health insurance requires a great deal of maintenance because the numbers and providers change every year. But it could be an invaluable resource to your audience of health insurance hunters.

Offer A Health Insurance Lingo Translator

The Wall Street Journal suggests that many consumers are confused about health insurance because they don’t understand the terms associated with it. In the past, people never had to pay much attention to their health insurance because it was usually a simple decision made through their employers’ plans. But now that the public has to find its own insurance, there is a huge need for a resource that translates the health insurance lingo into a language the average consumer can understand.

Your healthcare-related website could be a gold mine if you just add the kinds of tools people are looking for to help them understand Obamacare. With the right tools on your website, you can increase your traffic and positively affect your site’s revenue.

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